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Breakfast: Cantonese Savory Egg Custard with Shiitake Mushrooms
Paleo manila

Lunch: Baked Tandoori Chicken – again no microwave so i couldnt eat the sides (taro) they were too hard but the chicken was good.
Paleo manila

AM snack: quail bacon salad – nomnomnom
PM snack: brownie muffin. Loved this!
Paleo manila

Dinner: fish filet with salsa verde. Scraped off the salsa because it was too gooey for my taste. Everything else, yummy.

Paleo manila

Breakfast: omelette with cauli rice and salmon – this was okay. I love the cauli rice so thats what i ate.
Paleo manila

Am snack: plantains with pure dark chocolate. Sorry for the unattractive photo. The chocolate chilled in the fridge which ended up being good cuz i scraped away the oil and put the chocolate very modestly on the plantains.
Paleo manila

Lunch: grilled chicken – i just ate the chicken and ignored the sides. I wasnt too hungry.

Pm snack: coconut cinnamon donut holes. If you dont mind the soft chewey (not in a bread way) consistency then you will like this. I did. the texture may be likened to a grainy yema ball.
Paleo manila

Dinner: jamaican short ribs (no picture)
My brother ate this. I didn’t get to have it for dinner because I had an event and ate there instead.

Food notes:
-hearty, satisfying.
-some of the food tastes and feels (texture-wise$ similar which leads me to believe they are following a certain menu wherein the same ingredients are being used. I cant identify yet what flavors exactly but maybe after 1 more week, i can.

Cheat notes:
-okay i didn’t cheat on purpose. for the most part i stuck to the menu with the exception of wednesday lunch and friday evening. I attended meetings and events which provided meals. I was embarrassed to whip out my paleo meal. So i partook in the food spread but i was careful to select food which was more paleo friendly. The result, I have some extra paleo meals which i carried over to the weekend.

Wallet notes:
This 5-day plan cost me Php3,600. 650/day for 3meals and 2snacks. 70/day for delivery. since i live pretty central to everything i’m not really used to paying such a high delivery. I wish the delivery is free haha. That’s the part I don’t like. But anyway. The entire thing isn’t cheap but it’s not too expensive either (other paleo delivery companies are 950/day)

Body notes:
The ultimate question is whether i lost weight. Answer, no. It doesn’t work that way and especially not after 1 week. But! I did experience the following:
1) less bloated tummy, i fit better into my pants.
2) reduced cravings for junk food
3) stronger ability to say no to unhealthy food
4) an better awareness of whats healthy in a meal
5) more consistent meal habits (a no brainer because the food is already with me but! Now my body knows what a regular eating pattern is like and that’s a great thing, for me)

Would i do it again? Yes!!! In fact, on wednesday, i already signed up for another week. Their slots were already full but they gladly accommodated me which I’m super grateful for.

Looking forward to week 2 of Paleo!

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