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I have always had an aversion to being called “wealthy” or “rich.” I don’t know why. Maybe because I have never felt that I am. I mean, what is being wealthy anyway?

…Is it the number of things you own?
…How expensive your clothes are?
…The amount of debt you don’t have?
…The size of your paycheck?

Or.. is wealth about perception?

..The number of things people *think* you own?
..How expensive people *think* your clothes are?
..The amount of debt people *think* you don’t have?
..The size people *think* your paycheck is?

I mean who defines wealth, really? Is it me? Or is it other people?
Because I have never, ever thought of myself as wealthy.. not, in the way other people think I am.

Someone once told me that having a lot of money does not necessarily mean you have profit. Many may not realize the difference but I do. It means that even if your business generates revenue, it is not necessarily income. It means that even if you have spare funds, you may also have excessive debt. Outsiders only see the revenue, never the net loss. Only see the spare funds, never the debt. Only the smiling photos, never the sad moments. Only see the trappings of wealth but never the sacrifices. People choose what they want to see. Minds are closed.

Therein lies the problem. Reality versus Perception.

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