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Every year, I make several environment & personal resolutions. Resolutions to change, to reduce (3W’s waist, waste, weight), to become better, to try harder.

This year will be all of that (again) yet, different. Resolution or not, 2020 is going to change me and my life, forever. Whereas my past decade was more about wandering and wondering, I’m gonna guess that the next chapter will be about building and growing. It’s exciting and sometimes scary, but life truly has a way of propelling you forward. I simply pray that the next decade is kind to us all.

Have a Happy New Year and a Blessed New Decade everyone!


PS. My Environment Resolution: In 2020, I’m aiming for ZERO single-use plastic beverage (water, soda, etc) bottles. My 2019 total bottle tally was 16, down from 2018’s 26 bottles. Zero might be tough but worth a try!

2019: No Fast Fashion (total sprees: 6)
2018: No Water/Drinks in plastic Bottles
2017: No Straws
2016: No ATM receipts


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