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Hello World,

It has been a while since I blogged. It has been crazy busy sometimes life goes by so fast and writing about it is the last thing on my mind. But here I am, I will try to post more often.

Since it’s been a few months, here’s what’s new with me:

1) I am learning how to speak French! – It’s a lot of fun and keeps my mind active and distracted with things other than work. One should never, ever stop learning.

2) I am trying to lose weight. I guess this is not so new. The diets are new! hehe.

3) I have been property hunting. I’m dreaming about buying a condominium unit in Rockwell or maybe a nice apartment in Makati that I can rent out and make some money. My budget is very small so I have not been successful. The apartments in Rockwell are upwards of 8M and well beyond my budget.. I keep looking anyway. As my mom says, looking is free.

4) I am going to Iceland in September! I am going with some old friends and I am very excited! I will post pics about that trip. I promise.

5) I’m busy thinking of different businesses or ways to make money. Passive income is now my new thing, see #3.

6) I am trying to sleep earlier. I am a night owl so my regular bedtime is 1-2am. Trying to change that and sleep around midnight.

I miss writing, I will really try to blog more.





One Response to Hello, I’m alive!

  1. rissa raymundo says:

    Hi Oyen, it’s nice to read your updates. And you write really well so, hope you will find time to blog every now and then. Have a safe trip to Iceland and I will look forward of your pics. Cheers.