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Paleo manila

Breakfast – Chicken Burger power salad. Yay for being pork-free! I think this was supposed to be sausage. The chicken’s just as good: 🙂

Snack – Citrus Banapple Chia crumble
Oh my Lord. So delicious!!

Lunch – Panfried Hazelnut cobbler filet with vegetables. Yummy, even when cold.

Snack – Polynesian Rumaki Bites
There is bacon. Then liver. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad. Me no like liver.

Dinner – Beef with Caulirice. Okay. That caulirice. Heaven. I really enjoyed this meal.


This was not a good Paleo day for me. I had left my snacks and half of breakfast in the car. Due to the heat, the AM snack spoiled.

Breakfast -squashetti cups. I ate one and saved one for later but it went bad when i left it in the car to go to a meeting. It was okay.

Am Snack – xiao minced shiitake lettuce cups – also left in the car when I was at the meeting. so it went bad and i didnt get to eat it.


Lunch: Swedish Meatballs
Paleo manila

PM snack: Blueberry Scone thumbs up on this.

dinner: balsamic glazed porkchops (no photo)
Since it’s pork i gave this to my brother to eat.

Food Notes:

– It is good even when it is cold. I don’t have a microwave in the office and I’m forced to eat my lunches cold. It’s okay. They’re still pretty yummy. I’m amazed. The texture though of course is not as tender when cold.
– On Day 1 I felt a little hungry because I ate the snacks as desserts. On Day 2 I learned my lesson and spaced out the snacks in order to stave off hunger in between meals. Worked pretty well for Day 2 and 3.
– Drank lots of water in between.
– Missing junk food. Sigh.

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