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In 2013, I gained about 10lbs. As part of my new year’s resolution, I’m trying to be more healthy and conscious about what I put into my body. I will still enjoy fine food.. moderately. As part of my resolution, I’ve been eating salads and drinking my vegetables.

Juju eats has been my diet staple because it’s close to my office. My favorite is their Thai Beef Salad. Great taste, low calories. I pair it with any one of their juices, most commonly – the green bomb (liquefied vegetables) which isn’t bad if you’re used to it like I am. I get the Atomic Carrot which is actually very yummy if you don’t mind carrots. I also get their vanilla nut milk and latte nut milk which are suitable for my sweet tooth. The problem with juicing is that it is VERY EXPENSIVE. The 250ml bottle at Juju costs me about Php165. I could dine like a queen at Jollibee for that amount. Due to the cost, I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives.




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Tomorrow I’m going to start a new cleanse. I am already familiar with the Juice company – Pure Jus by Kristal and I’ve actually had some of the juices. But tomorrow is the beginning of a 3-day detox which I shall write about in a separate post.


Wish me luck. I will be very very very very grumpy.

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2 Responses to The Cleansing Craze

  1. So that’s what JUJU eats offers! Thanks! …will try the one in Pasong Tamo Ext. I’ve always wondered.

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