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Yesterday, I got a digiperm. My life is forever changed.

I was born with ultra straight, super fine, zero body hair. There’s no volume nor shape which I hate so I curl my hair with an iron to give it a nice bounce. However, this is only temporary because it never holds. So when the DigiPerm became popular, I was intrigued. I really wanted to get it done but I was afraid that it would look ugly. I’ve been agonizing over this for years!

Reviews on the Digiperm are mixed. Some really like it, some hate it. Contrary to what many think, it requires 100% maintenance and needs products to keep your hair in check. So it’s not a wash and wear sort of style. My old routine was shampoo, towel dry, comb, air dry. I didn’t put any products whatsoever. I wasn’t ready to commit to being permanently curly haired. However, on Friday afternoon I made a last-minute appointment at Beauty Brick. A quick search on “DigiPerm” Manila will tell you that Beauty Brick is one of the best places to go. On Saturday morning, I arrived right on time for my 10am appointment and sat nervously while I waited.


The Salon
Beauty Brick on a Saturday is like an all-day party to the soundtrack of blow dryers. It’s so busy and crowded, it is an energetic and efficient experience. On a busy day, they manage their clientele similar to a manufacturing line. Each customer hops from chair to chair, guided by their staff which is actually really smart because precious time does not go to waste. There are about 20 chairs and all of them are full, rotating with girls in various states of hair makeover. By the time I was done, I had sat in about 8 different chairs, not counting the ones I sat in twice. We were playing musical chairs. Told ya, it was a party.

Make sure your bag is compact because you will be moving around a lot. Though they give you stools for your stuff.

Digiperm Machines all lined up

Wall Art by Mr. Shin

Mr. Shin
The famous Mr. Shin intimidated me. He communicates through an interpreter because he speaks Japanese. (I suspect though that he actually does understand English, at the very least. After all the years he’s been doing this.) He speaks loudly and very emphatically in Japanese which sounded to me like he was yelling. I think that’s just the way he is but it definitely made me more agitated because I was nervous. Apart from that, he is clearly an expert. He knows right away what’s wrong with your hair and how it will respond to treatment. He’s very hands on and goes from girl to girl, giving consults, cutting hair, checking the curls, making the curls himself, teaching you how to maintain it, etc. etc.

The Process

1) Shampoo
2) Wet Hair Comb Out
3) Consult – You get to tell Mr. Shin what you want done. He gives his feedback. His standard feedback is to tell you how damaged your hair is. With me he said that I should do medium curls for the Digiperm. I said I wanted Big curls and showed him photos of what I wanted. He said that if I am going for style, big curls. If I am going for long term, he wants to use medium. I insisted on the big ones. He said okay but don’t complain afterwards. He then proceeds to trim my hair.
4) Explanation of treatment – Here are the products. I don’t remember specifics.
4) Treatment gets washed out
6) You wait.
7) Your hair gets put into the curlers.
8) You get attached to the Digiperm Machine.
9) The digiperm machine sucks your brains out. Or calls the mother ship to take you back into space. Or curls your hair. Something. It’s really heavy.
10) The curls are unraveled. I’m nervous.
11) Someone comes over to blowdry your hair and teach you the very important “twist and scrunch” move.
Twist – section your hair into parts like below. Twist. These twists must be dry before they are separated.
12) Mr. Shin comes over for a final consult and puts product in your hair. He does the finishing styling.

Time Duration: 10am to 1:30pm
Price Paid: Php3,500 + Php200 tip.

The Results

I AM SO HAPPY. It looks so good!!!!!

The Maintenance (as prescribed by Beauty Brick)

1) After digiperm, you can shower next-day but don’t use shampoo. Conditioner only. I don’t intend to wash my hair until after 48 hours to be safe.
2) You can shampoo on the 3rd day.
3) After showering, assuming there’s no more excess water, comb it with a wide tooth comb. Comb only when wet and never when dry.
4) Section your hair twice, left and right side. Then twist gently.
5) Start scrunching. This is a move wherein you cup the twists with your hand from the bottom and bounce them gently. Think of coiling a spring and releasing it.
6) Cup the scrunches and blow dry them while in your fist.  A diffuser would make it easier. NEVER with an electric fan.
7) Once dry, separate the curls and apply a wax. They suggest any styling wax.
8) Scrunch throughout the day to maintain curls. No more twisting because it already has product in it. Only when wet.

2013 Holiday Schedule and Name Change
Beauty Brick will now be known as BLU-AF. I’m not sure why they would change it though since Beauty Brick is a perfectly good name. But see below, just in case you are thinking of visiting Beauty Brick / Blu-Af in the next few weeks.

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39 Responses to I got a DigiPerm!

  1. melencio says:

    nice! congrats!

  2. cel says:

    I stumbled upon your blog trying to find where BB is. I really liked your review! thanks! but i was wondering if Mr. Shin will not be at the salon, who will be the stylist kaya??

  3. Jessica Samson says:

    could a rebonded hair can also undergo digiperm? thnks a lot!

    • Julienne says:

      I think so but you have to wait a few months to allow your hair time to recover from all the treatments. 🙂 Check with your salon nalang for how long you have to wait kasi I’m not entirely sure also 🙂

  4. Elaiza says:

    Where is this salon?? Is mr. Shin there??

  5. Elaiza says:

    Is that price already fixed in any hair length?

  6. cez says:

    do you have salon somewhere in alabang?
    my hair is shoulder length and i want digiperm is it possible?

    • Julienne says:

      Hi Cez,

      Curling your hair will make it a little shorter so if your hair is currently shoulder length then it will be above the shoulder after the digiperm. If that’s not what you want then grow it out a bit before you have it permed. Or get bigger sized curls so your hair doesn’t go up to your ears. 🙂

      Beauty Brick only has one location in Makati.


  7. Nicole says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this is probably the most informative website I’ve come across regarding BB! Been wanting to check it out for a while but I’m convinced now 🙂 I just want to know- how long did your perm last?

    • Julienne says:

      Hi Nicole!

      I’m glad I could help. Mine lasted around a month and a half only. This is because I insisted on getting big curls. Mr. Shin did warn me that they would disappear right away. He even said two weeks only. At the time since I was SUPER nervous, I thought “okay good if i hate it then I’ll be back to normal after two weeks.” So the fact they lasted over a month far exceeded my expectations already. But I definitely put effort (blowdrying, diffusing, hair product) into maintenance. After a while, I started getting lazy so maybe that’s why they disappeared.

      I struck up a conversation with a girl during my treatment and she said that she’s a regular at Beauty Brick. She gets medium curls (tighter, so they hold longer) and only needs to go in for retouching about 2x a year. But of course, hair texture is important to consider. Mine is super limp and fine which contributes to the perm going away faster.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Princess says:

    Hi there! I loved the curls! Just want to ask if yung digi perm ba is not permanent, may option din ba kung gusto mo na permanent na yug perm sa hair mo? Thank you. God Bless

  9. Sophia says:

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  10. Ruby May says:

    Yung tip para knino? Kay mr. Shin? Thanks! Planning to hve a digiperm.

  11. kath says:

    My hair kasi is super dry and gusto ko mag pa digiperm mawawala din ba yung dryness nya? 🙂

  12. MariN says:

    Is beauty brick in makati still in business? I can’t seem to get a hold of their number.. 🙁

  13. Salve Ignacio says:

    Hi, How long nag last ung perm mo with large curls?

  14. kayi says:

    hi, i just wanted to know if they rebonded the top half of your hair and then curled the ends. some salons kase do that, while others don’t. thanks! 🙂

    • Julienne says:

      sorry for my super delayed reply! The first time, they did half only. The second time, I asked them to curl it higher and they curled it as close as they could to the scalp but since my hair is naturally straight, it didn’t hold for very long. The ends stayed curlier much longer.

  15. Vina says:


    Magpapa-digiperm sana ako sa kanila this coming Dec. 6. ask ko lang sana kung inii-straight nila ung top part ng hair, ung hindi nila ipeperm? Kasi I have natural wavy hair and I think hindi maganda ung kakalabasan ng digiperm kung hindi straight ung top?

    Thanks 🙂

  16. chopper says:

    Im wondering if its possible to have my hair colored after digiperm in beauty brick? Do they offer hair color service?

    • Julienne says:

      Hi Chopper,

      I usually color my hair first, then wait a few weeks then go for the perm. I think color first and then perm second. So that way it doesn’t ruin the curls and the color really gets to set.

      Hope this helps.

  17. alex says:


    Tanung ko lang po kung iniistraight nila ung top half ng hair bago iperm? kasi rebonded ang hair ko at tumutubo n ung natural hair ko which is wavy, thank you!

  18. Yoona says:

    hi julienne,just want to ask,digiperm lang ba yung inoofer nila sa BB? how about relax? thanks!

  19. Angel says:

    Hi, how long did your perm last?

  20. Aira says:

    Hi po ate, ask ko lang po if nanatili po ba ang curls ng hair nyo even after a month? or naging waves na lang po? thanks in advance! 🙂

  21. Cristelle says:

    Hi! I avail Beauty Brick’s Digiperm service yesterday. I have washed my hair today exactly 24hrs after they finished my digiperm. I didn’t blow dry my hair and just twist and scrunch it until it gets dry. But it ended up like just an ordinary curl with no volume at all (i use 3min. miracle pantene color and perm lasting care bcoz i can’t find herbal essence here). My question is is it really okay to blow dry my permed hair to get bouncier and curler hair? Thanks!

  22. Joann says:

    How I wish my experience was same as yours. Mine turned out bad. I availed the digiperm service of EdwinLisa Salon at their JP Rizal branch in Makati using the Metrodeal voucher. It was a total of almost 6hrs of procedure and it cost me 4k (incl. root color, treatment, half rebond) but the result was frustrating. I was told that I’m okay to leave even if my hair was still dripping wet and was applied with 10-12pumps of curling lotion. When my hair finally dried, it was so stiff and heavy. My hair looked so messy and frizzy. I don’t know what to do with my hair now, I even messaged the fb page of EdwinLisa but they did not reply. I had my digiperm at a Korean Salon last year but the result was beautiful and it even cost me less (ensogo voucher 1.8k only).

  23. Sheena says:

    Hi i would like to ask if every digital perm looks like this ??? I want that kind of perm hindi yung parang zigzag na kulot hehhee

    • Julienne says:

      hala ang late ko na magreply. Did you get your digiperm done already? Kumusta? Depende sa place, takot rin ako maging super kulot so hinanap ko talaga si beauty brick. I’m really happy with them. Tell them to use medium size 🙂

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