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After months of struggling with my iPhone 5’s weak signal reception, purple camera lines and insane battery drainage, I finally decided to take it back to where it was purchased. Globe Telecom. So I found myself in the Business Center trying to get help and after waiting 30 minutes, I made the bad decision to go to the bathroom. I missed my turn. How was I supposed to know that the number would jump 6 places. This apparently is the Mortal sin at any Globe center. I advise you people, never ever ever go to the bathroom while waiting in line at a globe center. The consequences are terrible.

I asked the guard/number issuer what to do and he said to find the person after me and ask if it’s okay if I went ahead. I asked if he can help me and he said “dapat ikaw ang magtanong.” How do I know who that person is? Guard goes “Edi hanapin mo.” So.. I went up to strangers and found the lady after me. I asked her really nicely (I swear, “po” “ma’am” and everything) and she told me that her number is next. She said that If i wanted to be served then I would have to get a number and wait. I explained that I already have a number, I was already waiting but I went to the bathroom and my phone is overheating and I need someone to look at it. She said “that’s not my problem” and didn’t even look at me. I was appalled. I said “I’m asking nicely, you don’t have to be rude. You can just give me a simple answer.” Lady then proceeds to ignore me and starts to converse with her companions. I’m still standing there and I go “are you just going to ignore me when am asking nicely? The least you could do is give me a proper answer. Good to know you’re not a nice person.” I’m amazed at how rude and horrible some people can be. Why do people respond rudely to politeness? This lady couldn’t even give me the courtesy of looking at me when I was asking her. She treated me like I was beneath her. That was the most infuriating thing. I snapped her photo below. That’s her, in purple.

Swallowing my desire to hurl my iPhone at her, I just went back to the guard and asked him to help me. I said, “the customer is not a nice person” and I asked him to intercede because “I don’t want to fight with her.” I said there are two counters and I could easily be accommodated on one of the two. Instead, he blamed me, said that ganon talaga and said that I have no choice but to wait again. Frustrated, upset and patience running low, I asked another staff member to intercede on my behalf but got dismissed yet again. Again, there’s nothing they can do because I went to the bathroom and it’s my fault. I said repeatedly to guard and staff that my phone is overheating I just need someone to take it from me and diagnose it and the longer I wait I fear the more it will be permanently broken. I had to make a call to some Globe friends who called the branch manager just to get help. From there on, it was smooth sailing. I spent the next 30 minutes being assisted by the officer in-charge while giving the Lady in purple the evil eye. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

I honestly was willing to wait like the rest of the world. I just asked for a little consideration given my full bladder and overheated phone. These things happen, I know. I just hate it when a difficult situation is made worse by unpleasant people. It disappoints me because Is this how it has to be? Do I always have to “know” someone just to get answers?

Thanks Globe, for making my experience with you as unpleasant as always.

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