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I know you wanna impress your special lady friend with how sweet and gentlemanly you are. You want to be chivalrous, be the man and carry her purse for her. Guess what? Quite the opposite. It totally undermines your masculinity. It communicates to the world that she wears the pants in the relationship. You look like your lady’s assistant or her Gay Best Friend. I can’t decide which one is worse.

CARRY YOUR DAMN BAG YOURSELF. If it is too heavy, then stop packing half of your life in your purse. Don’t make your boyfriend carry it for you. It looks like you’re dating a wussy. It just looks really really bad. Kawawang boyfriend. Also, what’s the point of having a nice and sometimes expensive branded bag if someone else is going to carry it for you?

It grosses me out to see guys carrying women’s purses around a mall and the female walking around carrying nothing. Even worse when the guy is WEARING the purse. I feel sorry for the guy. And I’m a girl! Even chivalry has its limits. Guys should NEVER carry a woman’s purse. They can(and should) however, help the girl by carrying her other items (shopping bags, lunch box, laptop case, books, gym bag, etc) but never, ever, ever her purse.

guy carrying girl's bag

The only situations you are allowed to hold onto your lady’s purse –

1) she is in the fitting room, trying something on, or preoccupied, that she needs you to temporarily hold her bag.

2) she is injured and/or physically incapable of carrying her bag.

Outside of these two situations, you cannot carry your woman’s bag. EVER. Please spread the word so we can put a stop to this senseless and demeaning practice.


9 Responses to Carrying your girlfriend’s bag: EW.

  1. MIchelle says:

    I have to say if a man has to worry about how others perceive him because he decides to help his wife or partner with a bag, then i think it is quite lame. A man’s masculinity is not measured by what he wears or what he carries, it is measured by the size of his heart. I don’t make it a point to have my husband carry my bag, but am also glad that when i need him to he isn’t worried about what people will say.

  2. Babes says:

    Helping a woman hold or carry her bag while she’s attending to something, like getting her wallet, carrying her baby is okay. But to carry the bag around, as if it were really his, doesn’t really look good. I would scream at my son if I see him with his girlfriend’s purse around his shoulder or arm.
    There are many ways of showing chivalry. And ladies, please don’t let the guy carry your handbag unless you are: too sick to carry it, about to give birth or have just given birth.

  3. melencio says:

    hi you’re back!
    I totally agree with this.

    My Fiancée never ask for my purse to be carried, i don’t know then if he is that ungentle, but later on he explained that he doesn’t like, by then i respected his opinion about the purse.

  4. Anon says:

    I actually have my husband carry my bag sometimes but that is due to my back injury! I have torn ligaments in my upper back and that causes my back to be severely painful at times. 🙂

  5. Zed says:

    Me, my mom and my bro are always irritated to see men carrying their girlfriends bags.. I’m happy to know that there are people who share our sentiments and even blog about it… BTW it was only recently that I discovered yours and your mom’s blog.. I’m now a fan of both.. 🙂

  6. cecile says:

    so glad i checked your blog today! i smiled when i saw that there are now 4 posts i have to read. and yes, ayoko sa guys na nagbibitbit or hawak ang bags ng kanilang girlfriends or wives! my husband did that once only kase upon seeing him carry my bag i took it back asap! he’s tall and of medium built kaya he didn’t look good at all! diyahe! from then on no carrying of my bags for him na

  7. anna says:

    oh noes. i always ask my boyfriend to carry my bag but now i totally get how weird and all we look. thanks for sharing this! definitely noted in the future.

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