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My twitter page is public and easy to access. Once, I tweeted about something. This person responded which began a series of tweets about the said topic. He moved the conversation to direct message and away from prying eyes. By this time, our conversation had already run dry and it was at the goodbye stage. Parting words from him.. “So we should have coffee sometime.”

Dear readers, please read my blog entry on The Coffee Date Realization. It will give this moment some context.

Anyway. So I am stunned. I don’t know how to feel. Should I be..

(a) depressed – because this is really quite pathetic.. now guys are asking me out on Twitter. They’re not even asking me out in real life.. Have I reached an all-new low?
(b) flattered – because wow, strangers are asking me out on Twitter! My powers penetrate the internet! Now just my mere tweets and profile photo will encourage them to ask me out!

In the end, this is what I say.. “Like a date..? Because you don’t even know me, I might be a psycho killer.. haha

He goes: “not necessarily a date.”

Okay. Not. Necessarily. A. Date. What does that mean? Just when I was about to give him some credit for being ballsy, he goes on the defense about it not being a date. Then what is it? You just feel like having coffee? Then why even bother asking me? If it’s merely coffee, why don’t you go have coffee with your other friends?

So I say: “so.. you are just in the habit of asking strangers out to coffee for the sheer heck of it?”

He responds: “I am in HR and I just like making new friends and meeting new people.” (What does being HR have to do with “not necessarily” asking people out to dates on the internet?)

Moral of the Story – Don’t be passive-aggressive. It’s either a date or it isn’t. Say so.When you put your invitation out there, stand by it. If it’s a date, man up. Don’t hide behind your job or the fact that you love coffee. Just say “hey, I think you’re cute/pretty/nice/sweet/interesting/(other adjective) and we should go for coffee to dinner sometime.” If it’s not a date, just say you want to make new friends. Maybe you will get rejected, maybe you won’t. Either way, at least you were a man about it and that’s what matters.

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3 Responses to A Stranger asks me out on Twitter

  1. Areynet@gmail.com says:

    E style nya iyon e. no big deal.

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