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I haven’t blogged about anything in the last month. Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of things to write about, I don’t feel like writing. I’ve just been feeling so uninspired lately, in a literary sense.

I think in a way, it has to do with my detachment from the internet. You see, I deactivated my Facebook account in an attempt to wean myself off the site and reclaim my life. As many people already know, Facebook eats up lots and lots of precious time. Time, you could use, towards being productive or doing something fun. In short, by giving up Facebook, I decided to stop living on the internet and start living in real life.

Admittedly, the first week was difficult. Now I don’t miss it anymore. I get so much more done!! Amazing what I can accomplish instead of staring at my Facebook feed all day, looking at how my friends live their lives. I’ve always said that Facebook breeds envy. I mean you stalk your friends/crush/boss/enemies/exes/coworkers/person you met at the bar/relatives/classmates and when you see how seemingly amazing their lives are, you feel a tinge of envy because you wish you had the same. Unhealthy. So glad I’m not a part of that.

It’s been good so far. I deactivated my account on August 12, 10pm. I’ve sworn off Facebook for 30 days. As incentive, my friends are giving me Php1/day (total Php30) when I’ve successfully completed this challenge. I’ve received a total of Php380 in pledges from friends who have supported my cause. I’m going to donate this money to charity.

I’ll be back on FB soon. I hope it will be less addicting now that I’ve been able to successfully step away from it. I wonder if people noticed I was gone.


3 Responses to I gave up Facebook. Now I have writer’s block.

  1. melencio says:

    im not a stalker, but i am really a fan of your blogs,,i enjoy reading it. and aside from it i really like reading,… if you will not be able to write again, i will be =<.
    I hope you will be inspired again.

  2. I’ve detached myself off my FB for a few days and came back after a week or so. They say it’s the adult equivalent of running away from home. LOL

    A scene from Entourage..

    Vince: How come you’re not on this Facebook thing?
    Eric: Uh, because I’m a grown-up?

  3. your frequent reader says:

    it’s been a month and 5 days, julienne. hope you post new stuff already, i’m a frequent lurker of your site (which I like cause you’re a witty writer)! only acceptable reason you haven’t updated your blog yet is that you’re having the time of your life now 😛

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