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I woke up this morning with this text message on my phone:

I guess I was in a relationship I did not know about. Maybe that’s why this person’s breaking up with me. Maybe the lie they are referring to is that I’m single when in fact I’m in a relationship with this anonymous sender. Haha. Jokes aside, I had to read this twice to register the message, I was extremely confused. It says “J” in the beginning of the message so I really thought it was for me. But it can’t be because nothing about it makes sense. Either way, I felt a small pang of regret and sadness that typically comes with breakups. I felt as if I truly did something wrong and that I was really being thrown away. We’ve all been through this. It sucks.

I tried to respond but my message got rejected. I tried to call but the number does not exist. Out of curiosity, I called Globe Telecom to trace this message. They were useless (as always.) They couldn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. The message came from a computer or one of those internet texting applications that are so popular these days. This explains why I cannot call back or respond. It’s a dead end. I guess our relationship, short-lived as it was, is truly over.

I’m putting this message online for the below reasons:

1) People (including myself) need to be more courageous. Break up with your ex face to face. None of this via anonymous text stuff that screams cowardice. Face your boyfriends/girlfriends, out of respect for them and what you shared. Make a stand, be an adult. It hurts like hell but at least it delivers the message and definitely to the right person.

2) Somehow maybe this blog entry will find this scorned sender to let them know that their message fell on deaf ears. Whoever this message was intended for did not receive it. So much for your grand gesture of goodbye. Perhaps you should have broken up a different way. See #1.

I feel your pain, sister/brother. It’s clear in your text message that you’re hurting. I hope that you get better soon and in time, you find someone more deserving of your love.

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