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My family’s Holy Week traditions consist of 3 parts. All of them involve food, which is ironic since we’re supposed to be sacrificing and abstaining but it’s the thought that counts… I hope.

Maundy Thursday – Bisita Iglesia / Trip to Antipolo Church – Obviously the custom is to visit 14 Churches, we usually visit around 5-7. This year we made it to 6 churches.

A Letter to God


Antipolo Church Grounds – Look at all these people. If you wanna go during Good Friday, better visit early and avoid the crowds.


This fancy retail establishment looked out of place next to the Church but the place looks like it’s making a killing. I guess Churches can be a gold mine.


The Food trip after the Church…


Hot meals

Soda for Php15 and Sotanghon for P30. If you want to spoil yourself a bit, pay an extra Php5 and you get an entire egg in your soup.

Good FridayBinangonan Rizal Procession – Every year, we head to Binangonan to watch the procession and more importantly, give out water and towels to the men who participate in the Giwang-Giwang. I’ve been witness to this tradition since I was a kid and the Giwang-Giwang has always been my favorite part, it’s so moving to watch. Difficult to explain so let me just leave you with a video.

For more comprehensive coverage of the procession, please visit my Mom’s Blog – www.ohmybuhay.com

Some stills from Good Friday:

My tita makes the best bagoong.

My mom taking photos for her blog.

Me & My inaanak Chino. He’s super kulit.

My Cousin Justin. He’s a photography enthusiast like me.

White shirts waiting for the Giwang-Giwang to arrive.

Giving out towels, bread, water and ice candy.

Lots of Water for the thirsty.

The Giwang-Giwang. What an amazing sight to behold.

After you carry Jesus, you are drenched in sweat.

The flood of people after the Giwang-Giwang has passed.

And then the Saints go marching in.

Sta. Maria Salome

Easter Sunday – Lunch at my grandmother’s house – this obviously involves multiple rounds of food and eating. We are a large family so during mealtime we are divided into two groups – Adults and Kids. I still belong to the Kids group (hehe) and that means I can chill with my cousins which is nice. Recently, we started playing Monopoly Deal to pass the time while the Adults talk about grown-up things.


HAPPY EASTER Everyone!!!


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