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Connecticut Street is one of my daily haunts. I’m there all the time so when new places pop up, I take notice. I’ve been curious about Naci for a while now so when my friend suggested we eat there, I was more than willing to check it out.

The interior, spacious and well light. I liked the atmosphere, it was laid back and comfortable. The restroom (for those who care) was huge and came with a bathroom attendant. I thought that was pretty cool. It was empty when we went so I can’t comment on the sound level when it’s packed.


Our starter: Chorizo and Brie Puffs. This was okay. It has bananas in it. While I love bananas, I did not like them as an ingredient in this dish. I felt that the flavor overpowered the brie and the chorizo and it would have certainly tasted better without it.


Beef Caldereta Lasagna – Taste, good. It’s misrepresented though. My friend and I both agreed that 1) it doesn’t taste like beef caldereta and 2) it’s definitely not lasagna. It was a creamy ground beef mixture that had like 3 slices of lasagna noodles. The noodles were way too soft also so they added to the creaminess. It felt more like a stew in your mouth rather than a pasta. So again, the taste was okay but it was neither lasagna nor beef caldereta. This dish must be renamed.


Baked Pesto Salmon – This was very yummy. It’s good to share but I wish I got one just for myself.


Dessert – Tiramisu – Okay okay, we played it safe with our dessert. They had an entire selection of desserts but I was already quite full. Next time I will try their cupcakes.



In all, I was disappointed with my meal. I was full yet dissatisfied. Though I will give Naci another try since 4 courses is hardly enough to say whether a place is good or not. There were other menu items I wanted to try so I’ll be back for another go.

Naci Comfort Food & Dessert Bar
2/F Fox Square Bldg. Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan City

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2 Responses to Naci Comfort Food & Dessert Bar

  1. Gineb Nocom says:

    Hi Ms. Julienne! Thank you very much for checking out NACI Comfort Food and Dessert Bar. We appreciate your comments and thank you for pointing out the things we need to improve on. Rest assured that we will look into this and we will sound this off to our consultant, Chef Ed Quimson and his team and hopefully the next time you visit us and try our other dishes, we will live up to your standards. Again, thank you and it was nice having you here at NACI.

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