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I rarely blog things right on the spot but I think this calls for an exception. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the extremely talented Arnel Pineda also known as the lead singer of Journey. A few months ago my mom met him at the airport, exchanged information and kept in touch. Tonight, we were honored to have him and his family over for dinner. His family is wonderful, his kids are very sweet. His wife, Cherry is lovely and very pretty. Arnel is so kind, easygoing, humble and down to earth. He talked openly about life on tour, his family, his love for dogs, traveling, performing, etc. Good conversation, good food, hours flew by! Thank you Arnel! It was a pleasure to meet you!

With my brother:


His family loves dogs and they recently lost one of their puppies to dystemper. Our dog just gave birth so it worked out perfectly. Lucky Pup! She’s now the dog of a rockin’ family. Literally!

He signed our guestbook and a CD 🙂 What a great night!


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