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Update – Sept 13, 2011

Now, things are getting interesting. Guy is telling me someone(his staff) impersonated him and chat with me. I don’t know what to believe anymore. It could be him, it could be the impersonator. Regardless of who it was, I kept telling him that he should take responsibility for the actions of his people and be extremely careful, especially if they are actions performed using his name, especially on an internet medium like Facebook. (Shouldn’t an internet guru know this?) More importantly, it is not my job to discern who did what! As far as I’m concerned, someone named “Guy” chat with me and insulted me. To me, all I see are the screenshots and chat history and they are pretty clear. They are under one name. To me and the rest of the world, he & his staff are one and the same.

I want to believe it’s not him. I really do. It’s funny cuz Guy now has blocked me on Facebook. As if I’m the one that did something wrong? This situation makes no sense. I get insulted then I’m the one that gets blocked. It’s almost comical. Is blocking me an admission of guilt? Or perhaps he feels as though he is the victim in this situation. Weird. I don’t care to know anymore. My conscience is clear and I’m happy with that.

Thank you so much to those who showed (and continue to show) their support and shared with me their insight in this real strange circumstance. I know we are all waiting for updates but I don’t think there will be any. This issue is hopefully closed and both he and I will move forward with our lives and having learned from this situation, onto bigger and better things.


Originally Published: September 3, 2011 @ 00:49

I’m really into digital media and when I have the chance, I attend talks on e-commerce. One time I went to an event hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine for online businesses and there was a speaker there. So this guy, he speaks on how he started making money on the web. I don’t remember exactly all of it but the gist is that he started out with nothing, couldn’t even provide for his wife and kid and now makes thousands of dollars on ads, e-books and “how to get rich off the web” advice. Self-made, self-proclaimed internet guru. He seemed cool, we talked briefly and due to the wonders of Facebook and Twitter, we are connected.

So ensues this really strange Facebook Chat. It must be said that we have never previously chat on FB. This is how it begins:

[Guy] That’s your boyfriend on your profile pic?
[Me] hey Guy! nope, my brother

[Guy] hey, Nice to see you here
[Guy] ah brother… good. 😉
[Me] haha bakit good?
[Guy] ah wala haha

So then we get around to talking about my love life. And he asks me if I’ve ever had a boyfriend. I say yes but now, my priorities lie in other things. Then.. this is the part:

[Guy] that’s good
[Guy] I thought you are just naive or worse frigid
[Guy] oops

Momentarily, I am confused. I don’t know whether I am being insulted. I’ve met this guy ONCE. I’ve spoken a total of about 50 words to him. Where is this coming from? What does this even mean? Why is he passing judgment on someone he doesn’t even know? I quickly consult some friends(male and female) and they confirm that it is foul. I did not want to engage in battle but I had to say something:

[Me] buti nalang i don’t care what you think 🙂
[Guy] haha sorry naman po
[Guy] hey, won’t bug you now, I know you’re busy
[Me] yeah i am. i don’t really have time for people who insult me when they barely even know me.

Then he starts to apologize. Which I appreciate. But I give him a piece of my mind anyway because I thought it was really below the belt.

[Guy] hey hey no!!!
not meant to insult, really sorry
bad bad bad sorry
[Me] calling someone naive and frigid is kind of bizarre and below the belt for someone you don’t know.
[Guy] yeah, was tactless sorry
sincerely sorry
[Me] if i said you looked like a promiscuous manwhore, i don’t know how you’d take it.
[Guy] if you’ll forgive me if you call me that, I’ll accept it
[Me] no, waste of my time to stoop to your level.

Then it occurs to me that he has a family! So now, I’m curious. Because what the hell did he intend to achieve by saying this to me? It makes it even more disrespectful especially cuz he has a wife and kids. Who cares if there’s some random girl who might be promiscuous or frigid? What difference does it make in his life?

[Me] what does it matter to you if i’m frigid or naive anyway, don’t you have a wife and kids?
[Guy] 🙁
[Guy] really, sincerely sorry…
[Me] why are you passing judgment on people you barely know? it doesn’t make a difference in your life so..what’s the point?
[Guy] again… sorry. My fault.
[Guy] didn’t mean to say it seriously
[Guy] should be a joke but yeah depends on someone you throw that to… sorry really.
[Me] it doesn’t depend on the person. it’s really inappropriate. if someone said that to your wife or your mom or your grandmother. i think they’d find it disrespectful.

Then he logs off. Probably couldn’t take my tirade anymore. It’s okay. I got to say my piece and he apologized profusely. So, I’ll accept that apology. However, I still don’t think that in any situation that would have been a nice thing to say.


3 Responses to Rant: The time the so-called internet guru insulted me for no reason.

  1. Ian del Carmen says:

    Hello, Miss Yee! This is Ian del Carmen.

    Someone sent me to this post and I couldn’t help but post my response as it’s very clear by using the word “Fireball” which is my company name and brand, you were referring to me.

    I don’t recall me chatting with you, we’re not yet friends here on Facebook, and I never had time to do Facebook myself. Can you tell me when this happened so I can track who amongst my outsourced staff members has chatted with you? And please take down this post while we’re doing the investigation.

    Ian del Carmen

  2. jane says:

    what a weirdo! was that anton diaz from awesome planet?

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