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So I’m not very hairy. I barely have hair on my body. The hair on my head is extremely fine. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros: No need for costly hair removal procedures.
Cons: No eyelashes and eyebrows.

I’ve always wanted full, sweeping lashes and thick well-defined eyebrows. It’s been a frustration. I can’t even use a curlash properly because there’s nothing there. My eyebrows always have to be drawn in. Sucks.

Anyway, last summer I took this make-up class and there was a girl there who had gorgeously thick eyelashes. I paid her a compliment and she told me that she had them done at I-Lash in Megamall. I usually stay away from eyelash extensions. They’re heavy, irritating, expensive, high maintenance and if done incorrectly can look very fake. However, I was intrigued by this I-Lash place because the job they did on this girl was so good.

Long story short, I went to I-Lash in SM Hypermart Pasig to get extensions attached. It’s a small place, nothing fancy. I walked in and chatted up the sales lady.¬†They will determine which level is right for you based on your real eyelashes. I wanted the “Mascara Effect” (P1000+) however they said that I had too few lashes. There was nothing they could attach the extensions to. So I had to settle for the “Fine Effect” (P550) I figured I need all the help I can get so even a few additions would suffice.

Here’s how it looks. If you pay attention to the inner corner of my eye, you’ll see some of my own lashes and if you can’t see them.. that’s because they’re real tiny. Hence the need for extensions.


From the side. They’re supposed to last 1 month.


Pros: I like them, they’re really lightweight. I don’t feel them on my eyes. The glue isn’t irritating and they look natural. I don’t need to wear mascara anymore. The process of attaching them was quite comfortable, I napped.

Cons: They’re very.. high maintenance. I can’t wet them. So this poses a huge challenge when I’m removing my makeup(eyeliner) and washing my face. On day 2, a few strands have already fallen. I don’t know if they’re going to last a month. I’m hoping.

Initially, they’re not that expensive. I paid P550 plus tip. Also, touchups cost P200 so, it’s fairly reasonable. But then I guess cost would depend on how long they last. Obviously if I had to get touch ups frequently then it’ll be more expensive.

I-LASH Salon
SM Hypermart Pasig, Beside Tiendesitas
SW 1010
Contact Numbers: (02) 470 4119
For other locations & Information: http://www.i-lashsalon.com/index.php

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