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Before anything.. May I just say… Stupid freakin’ virus!!! I HATE YOU. Lost a TON of photos from recent travels, birthdays and random events in my life. I’m really sad about this. I hate viruses. I hate them so much. So I can’t continue my blog posts on LA because those are gone. I was looking forward to posting our foodie conquests (truffle burger and lobster mac & cheese) and our trip to the Aquarium. Oh well. I guess I just have to visit those places again then. 🙁 I realize now the importance of an external hard drive and always backing up files. I hope I have some of the older stuff (christmas, birthday, important events) stored somewhere else. Sigh. So sad.

On the bright side, today I finally fulfilled a 5-year dream to own a DLSR!!!! 😀 It all started when I took a digital photography class in college. Taking photos made me quite happy and I developed a love for photography. I work a point & shoot pretty well so obviously a DSLR is the natural upgrade. My family’s always urged me to buy one but I kept putting off the purchase for reasons unknown. A few months ago, I decided to finally buy the T2i. But then the T3i was released so I just went for that. Unfortunately, the kit is out of stock everywhere so I was only able to buy the body.



T3i front

T3i back

Haha. It feels weird to only have the body and not have the lens. It kinda feels like I bought a Ferrari with no engine. I’m excited but I can’t do anything with it just yet.

Now I’m researching like crazy for a good starter/all-around/fairly reasonable priced lens to buy. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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