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Heat is a hair-moisture vampire. Blow-drying on high heat basically sucks the moisture out of your hair leaving it all frizzy and sometimes static-ey. Curling irons and straighteners also work the same way. Not good for me because I love curling my hair. I used to use a straightener (the clamp and rotate trick) but now I switched to a clamp-less curling iron. All that heat is tough on my hair. I could feel the changes, frizziness and hair breakage. Thankfully there is Heat Protection Spray which reduces the risk for serious hair and heat damage!

I use Tresemme Vitamin-Enriched Heat Tamer Spray which both styles and protects. This is my main product. My Tresemme is running out so I needed a replacement. So I picked up a Boots Hat Protection Spray from the Boots Pharmacy in the Thailand airport. I’m still looking for a good alternative in Manila. If anyone is familiar with any other brands that are more accessible here, please let me know!

How it works: Spray on damp/semi-dry hair prior to styling or blow-drying. I spray mostly on the ends than the roots because that’s where I curl the most.

Does it work? – I personally feel that it does. My hair doesn’t get as frizzy (or crunchy) and the curls come out soft and healthy-looking. The best part is the next day, when I wash it out, my hair doesn’t feel dry. I also couple this with a Moisture Shampoo which aids in restoring moisture.

If you can’t get access to heat-protection spray, it’s okay. But here are some hair moisture-preserving tips:

  • If you must blow-dry, avoid the heat setting as much as possible. Most dryers have a “cool” setting, use this instead. Use the heat sparsely and hold it a bit further away from your hair.
  • If you are heat-styling, don’t expose your hair to the straightener/curler longer than necessary. As in, when it starts to burn, please stop. (I’m not kidding, some people style until they smell the “funny” smell) That’s your hair burning, ladies.
  • If you can adjust the temperature of your styling gadget, lower it. Resist the urge to max it out.
  • Find a good shampoo for dry/damaged hair.
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2 Responses to Keeping my hair cool

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi! I was at StudioFix in Greenbelt 5 yesterday and Alex Carbonel recommended Osis by Schwarzkopf Flatliner to protect hair from heating equipment. 🙂

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