Today my mom and I joined a culinary tour to the south. Truth be told, I hadn’t paid much attention to the details of the tour because I’ve been busy and fighting off a cold. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The call time was at 6:30 and in our usual manner, mom and I were running late. I was vaguely aware that the tour company had said that we would travel in style but the I was not at all prepared for what greeted me when I got on the bus.




Leather seats, hardwood floors, mood lighting, personal entertainment systems, fancy interior trims, bus attendants that bring you coffee/drinks of your choice, bus chauffeurs in uniform. I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.


They have a drink list. Sorry for the blur.

I love the branding on the coffee and water. I also got to charge my phone. Beyond awesome.

A few minutes into departure, much like an airplane flight attendant, the bus attendant makes a few announcements about the bus.

1) Emergency Exit is 5th window on the right.
2) Fasten Seatbelt.
3) If there’s anything you need, just call.

They even give you noise cancellation headphones for the trip. I didn’t use mine but mom did.


Amazing. Amazing.

I want to rent this bus. I don’t know yet where I will go and who I will bring (because it’s not cheap) but I will find a way.

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