***Update – July 25 2017 – Some readers have messaged me asking if we should take legal action against this sort of behavior. To be honest guys, it’s not really worth the lawyers fees and are you forgetting that our judicial system is notoriously awful. This is their marketing strategy, they are trying to sell you something and it is not illegal, per se. My suggestion is if you are not interested, just decline politely and move on with your life. Block the number if you have to. Life is too short for bad vibes!

**Update – Oct 31 2014 – If you’re on this page then that means the Club Ultima calls are still being made (two years after my original post). It is a marketing strategy wherein they are trying to sell you something, everyone please be careful. Thank you also to all who shared their experience, it’s been overwhelming how many messages I have gotten. If you are new to this page, read through the comments also. The names and numbers of the callers may be different but the message is the same.

**Update – May 20, 2012 – As suspected, gift certificates never arrived.

All weekend long, I kept getting calls from this number – 0917-485-1243. On Saturday they called me about 6 times and since I was in a photography seminar, I didn’t pick up. I sent them two texts asking who they were and no reply. Fishy, I thought.

Now it’s Monday 10:00am, the same number is calling so I finally pick up. Here are the details of the call:

Who: Daniel Gonzales
What: ‘Won a 3D2N Stay at any Crown Regency Hotel’
How: I was supposedly referred (but he couldn’t tell me by who or when)
Other Details: He didn’t know my real name and had no other details about me. Asked me if I was single, how old I was and if I liked to travel. He said someone will call me in two days to make a reservation. He dodged all my questions about the call and kept emphasizing how it was “free” and how I could use it anytime I wanted and when I traveled. I figured he was doing this in an effort to keep me from asking too many questions.
Conclusion: I run an internet business and they clearly found me through that.
Second Conclusion: There’s a catch…they’re trying to sell me something, even if they don’t say that right away.

A quick Google search led to a wealth of information about Crown Regency and Club Ultima. Apparently, the gift certificates are real but the ability to use them is not. They are always fully booked when you are trying to stay there for free. They’re worthless. Obviously, if you are willing to pay, availability is wide open. Also, in order to claim the GC’s you will have to sit through a timeshare presentation which is why they are making these calls to begin with. They’re trying to sell you something.

A few years ago, I also got a call from Astoria regarding GC’s and free stays and whatnot. It was the same thing. The GC’s never came. I never bothered to follow up. I have a sneaking suspicion that the so-called 3d2n voucher from Crown Regency will not arrive either.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.. let alone a 3d2n stay at a hotel in Malaysia, Cebu or Davao. Be careful, friends. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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375 Responses to Club Ultima/Crown Regency Mystery Phonecall

  1. honey says:

    Thanks for the info…i received a call just now from Anya Cruz…same offer…good thing you have this blog up …thanks

    • Julienne says:

      You’re welcome 😀 I never ended up getting any gift certificates so it’s definitely some suspicious activity.

    • annjo rosales says:

      Up to now they still working…BUTI NA LANG… I search thid Crown Regency scout albano q.c…. And i saw this blog… Kung hindi bka bukas.. Sapok… ang aabutin ko sa husband ko… Same modus operandi… They called me.. I won frm thier raffle promo 3d/2n hotel accom. To thier hotel in Cebu or Davao… Hahaha… Kalerky!!!

      • zel says:

        I received a call earlier from this #09998851695, that they have promotional campaign and they will give me GC for Crown Regency Hotel. She asked my age & if I’m single. She also said that I will receive a message regarding the details.

        After I talked to her, I searched in the internet about the campaign.

      • ella mapanao says:

        I was about to go to their said building office here in scout albano , but I just made some last minute googling and found this blog. very helpful and made me not waste time.

      • Jana Dela Cruz says:

        Me too! I just put the phone down on one of their agents

      • Jing says:

        Thank you sa info guys.as of today po nag ooperate pa din ang business nato.same scheme.free 3d2n stay daw sa cebu or davao hotel nila.asking for some info.please be careful po.

      • danezah says:

        Thank you for this blog for this kind of information… I already doubt about it from the first call from them.. same as your situation mam they told me that I won from the raffle and i have to claim my GC and to have a free buffet dinner later within this day.

        • Lanie says:

          Naku I also got the same call nung December 11. From Crown Regency daw and then yung promo nila sa Cebu & Davao pero I can use the GC kahit sa Makati or Manila. The girl name “Rachel” insisted na free daw sya and I do not have to bring money or credit card para sure daw na wala akong babayaran. Ginawan daw nya ako ng form asking for my civil status, trabaho at kung umabot ng 40k yung sahod naming ng asawa ko. Tapos may tatawag daw sakin next week pra ma-finalize. Wala daw expiration yung GC. Nung tinanong ko kung saan nya nakuha yung name and number ko, may ng refer daw pero di nya masabi ko sino.

          Nung sinabi ko sa asawa ko, may tumawag din pala sa kanya na same thing kaso tinatanong ata kung may card sya sabi nya savings lang kasi sa work yung card, then hinihingi yung card number ata. Binabaan daw nya.

        • jojo says:

          same happened to my mom, 3d2n with one of their hotel in davao and cebu, no expiration. sabi nila they’ll call again but they never did. I have a feeling that they’re targeting people with postpaid lines. thanks for this blog post

        • Sheryl says:

          It’s already 2017 and they’re still up. They called me 3 times last Thursday but unfortunately I was not able to answer their calls. Good thing, I searched the number over the internet and saw this blog before they call again. And yes, a girl just called now, that she’s from Club ultima and so the story goes the same. After a few minutes, I cut her and said we’re not travelling.

        • Roberto says:

          Up until this day 2017 na, nagooperate pa din sila… thank you for this site…

    • Jessa D. Aguilar says:

      OMG got this call earlier today! Same modus OMG buti nalang I searched this. OMG talga.

    • ron says:

      Bros..sis.. same here I received a call just now from 0999 885 4374.. this modus still exists..ingat po tau buti na lang we have internet to google about it..

    • Jam says:

      I just got a call from them right now. It was from someone named Nadine Trinidad. The number is 09998854357. It’s creepy because this is a new number and haven’t given to anyone except my boyfriend who is living with me. This Nadine Trinidad said that a friend referred me to them. It’s really creepy that they know my number.
      P.S. I didn’t give my number to anybody else but this is connected to my Smart Money Mastercard (really creepy)

  2. trixie says:

    Oh thanks for the info, just got same call,

  3. ricky says:

    same story

    MR jun garcia called me up and tlod me that I was selected giving GC 3D2N at crown regency hotel.. the # 09998854359

  4. Abby says:

    same here Jun Garcia called me and told me that I was referred by a friend who stayed there but he couldn’t give me the name of my friend. He’s giving me a GC for 3D2N at any branches of crown regency hotel. Number is 09176452730

  5. anna says:

    Hi, same here, I just got same call and same offer from Geric Reyes 09176452736. Thanks that i found this blog. Thanks Julienne.

    • Kisya says:

      Good thing I searched any information regarding this call as I had received a call just now. Same number. Thanks for the info

  6. anna says:

    Hi, same here, I just got same call and same offer from Geric Reyes 09176452736. Thanks that i found this blog. Thanks Julienne.

  7. Red says:

    Same here (0917) 645 2733 eto un number

  8. Johnny says:

    Same here, using this number 09998854372

  9. gelo says:

    just recieved a call from (0917) 645-2733 now and they have same spiel. tsk..tsk…tsk… lets be careful 🙂

  10. Ken says:

    Had the same call this morning from Club Ultima telling me that from the group of people who attended a Medical Convention last week at PICC, they chose 15 lucky recipients and I of them to receive a GC for a 3D2N stay at any Crowne Regency hotel here in the Phil.I was asking the agent what’s the catch in that offer but kept on telling me it’s free and there’s no financial commitment or whatsoever. it was quite convincing but I had my hesitation because she said we only have until tomorrow to claim the GC on their office in Ortigas…. Such a very short notice… And in addition to that, it was an offer for COUPLES so she said that I should claim the GC together with my husband… Isn’t it weird… How does she know I was married?!?!… Well… Thanks for the blog…

  11. Mark says:

    Just this morning, a lady named Grace Tan called me up with the same offer from Crowne Regency Hotel Club Ultima. I told her that she need to send me an e-mail about the details of this promo and I even ask her if this is a scam for anything the same on that matter but replied negatively. But when I google for this promo I come across this blog and convince myself that this is truly a SCAM. Thank you to this Blog or else what a WASTE OF TIME.

  12. tata cuizon says:

    on june 4, a certain Oscar called me up regarding the free GC’s at Crowne Regency which has no expiration (u-huh?nice one)but is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash,either.i didn’t mind the call and the blah-blah because i’m too pre-occupied with my work.but what puzzles me was that he knew my REAL name and got it right (i have 3 given names and it’s not an ordinary name kya if you don’t know me at all,ul never know my real name).i tried asking him to where they got my number and how they know me.a certain friend or relative dw checked in there and wrote my name in the referral part of the form and they cannot disclose to me who could that person be.i thought, it ended there.but just an hour ago, a certain kim from the same company,”club ultima” reminded me of the free GC’s but I have to attended the visual presentation w/c is 90mins either today or tomorrow.i have an appointment today @5PM thus declined the offer BUIT she gave me an option that there’ll be a 2nd batch of the said presentation tomorrow,6/14/2013 @5-7pm.all i have to do is to CONFIRM if i’m going or not.it’s a dinner reservation for 3pax and she told me that i can bring 2pax wd me.i hesitated for a moment but later on, i did agree to tag along 2 pax wd me….she even told me that there’s no FINANCIAL LIABILITY and i need not bring any cash with me just to make sure that their offer is not all about money.now, as i’ve read julienne’s blog,i’m quite hesitant to attend the presentation or not but there’s something in me that wants to prove if indeed these CLUB ULTIMA experience will indeed be a BEAUTIFUL experience or ONE that can be CURSED for a lifetime.let’s just wait and see what will happen tomorrow,hehehe….i’ll surely jot it down here my soon-to-be-experience of club ultima…

    • Julienne says:

      Hi Tata!

      Wow thanks for sharing your experience. Keep us posted if it turns out to be legit! 🙂


    • Rhea says:

      Hi. I just want to know about your experience? did you avail of the membership they are offering?

    • Joyce says:

      Exactly a year and a day after Tata Cuizon’s post, I got a call too. i need not type in the details on here, since all details in Tata’s comments are exactly the same in this phone call I received. As I was speaking with the caller, I immediately googled… it’s good to be skeptical with these types of phone calls. It would have been better if they just laid all their cards on the table and tell you what they are really after, instead of giving all these too-good-to-be-true freebies and perks, only to be offered something else when you claim your “prize”. Mind you, I am from Pampanga, and just imagine all the time, effort and money that I will be “wasting” for a 90-minute presentation of a something which I do not have plans buying anyway.

  13. jay says:

    ok thanks for the post. im invited too.. but what is the scam?..
    its just a story….