***Update – July 25 2017 – Some readers have messaged me asking if we should take legal action against this sort of behavior. To be honest guys, it’s not really worth the lawyers fees and are you forgetting that our judicial system is notoriously awful. This is their marketing strategy, they are trying to sell you something and it is not illegal, per se. My suggestion is if you are not interested, just decline politely and move on with your life. Block the number if you have to. Life is too short for bad vibes!

**Update – Oct 31 2014 – If you’re on this page then that means the Club Ultima calls are still being made (two years after my original post). It is a marketing strategy wherein they are trying to sell you something, everyone please be careful. Thank you also to all who shared their experience, it’s been overwhelming how many messages I have gotten. If you are new to this page, read through the comments also. The names and numbers of the callers may be different but the message is the same.

**Update – May 20, 2012 – As suspected, gift certificates never arrived.

All weekend long, I kept getting calls from this number – 0917-485-1243. On Saturday they called me about 6 times and since I was in a photography seminar, I didn’t pick up. I sent them two texts asking who they were and no reply. Fishy, I thought.

Now it’s Monday 10:00am, the same number is calling so I finally pick up. Here are the details of the call:

Who: Daniel Gonzales
What: ‘Won a 3D2N Stay at any Crown Regency Hotel’
How: I was supposedly referred (but he couldn’t tell me by who or when)
Other Details: He didn’t know my real name and had no other details about me. Asked me if I was single, how old I was and if I liked to travel. He said someone will call me in two days to make a reservation. He dodged all my questions about the call and kept emphasizing how it was “free” and how I could use it anytime I wanted and when I traveled. I figured he was doing this in an effort to keep me from asking too many questions.
Conclusion: I run an internet business and they clearly found me through that.
Second Conclusion: There’s a catch…they’re trying to sell me something, even if they don’t say that right away.

A quick Google search led to a wealth of information about Crown Regency and Club Ultima. Apparently, the gift certificates are real but the ability to use them is not. They are always fully booked when you are trying to stay there for free. They’re worthless. Obviously, if you are willing to pay, availability is wide open. Also, in order to claim the GC’s you will have to sit through a timeshare presentation which is why they are making these calls to begin with. They’re trying to sell you something.

A few years ago, I also got a call from Astoria regarding GC’s and free stays and whatnot. It was the same thing. The GC’s never came. I never bothered to follow up. I have a sneaking suspicion that the so-called 3d2n voucher from Crown Regency will not arrive either.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.. let alone a 3d2n stay at a hotel in Malaysia, Cebu or Davao. Be careful, friends. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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375 Responses to Club Ultima/Crown Regency Mystery Phonecall

  1. honey says:

    Thanks for the info…i received a call just now from Anya Cruz…same offer…good thing you have this blog up …thanks

    • Julienne says:

      You’re welcome 😀 I never ended up getting any gift certificates so it’s definitely some suspicious activity.

    • annjo rosales says:

      Up to now they still working…BUTI NA LANG… I search thid Crown Regency scout albano q.c…. And i saw this blog… Kung hindi bka bukas.. Sapok… ang aabutin ko sa husband ko… Same modus operandi… They called me.. I won frm thier raffle promo 3d/2n hotel accom. To thier hotel in Cebu or Davao… Hahaha… Kalerky!!!

      • zel says:

        I received a call earlier from this #09998851695, that they have promotional campaign and they will give me GC for Crown Regency Hotel. She asked my age & if I’m single. She also said that I will receive a message regarding the details.

        After I talked to her, I searched in the internet about the campaign.

      • ella mapanao says:

        I was about to go to their said building office here in scout albano , but I just made some last minute googling and found this blog. very helpful and made me not waste time.

      • Jana Dela Cruz says:

        Me too! I just put the phone down on one of their agents

      • Jing says:

        Thank you sa info guys.as of today po nag ooperate pa din ang business nato.same scheme.free 3d2n stay daw sa cebu or davao hotel nila.asking for some info.please be careful po.

      • danezah says:

        Thank you for this blog for this kind of information… I already doubt about it from the first call from them.. same as your situation mam they told me that I won from the raffle and i have to claim my GC and to have a free buffet dinner later within this day.

        • Lanie says:

          Naku I also got the same call nung December 11. From Crown Regency daw and then yung promo nila sa Cebu & Davao pero I can use the GC kahit sa Makati or Manila. The girl name “Rachel” insisted na free daw sya and I do not have to bring money or credit card para sure daw na wala akong babayaran. Ginawan daw nya ako ng form asking for my civil status, trabaho at kung umabot ng 40k yung sahod naming ng asawa ko. Tapos may tatawag daw sakin next week pra ma-finalize. Wala daw expiration yung GC. Nung tinanong ko kung saan nya nakuha yung name and number ko, may ng refer daw pero di nya masabi ko sino.

          Nung sinabi ko sa asawa ko, may tumawag din pala sa kanya na same thing kaso tinatanong ata kung may card sya sabi nya savings lang kasi sa work yung card, then hinihingi yung card number ata. Binabaan daw nya.

        • jojo says:

          same happened to my mom, 3d2n with one of their hotel in davao and cebu, no expiration. sabi nila they’ll call again but they never did. I have a feeling that they’re targeting people with postpaid lines. thanks for this blog post

        • Sheryl says:

          It’s already 2017 and they’re still up. They called me 3 times last Thursday but unfortunately I was not able to answer their calls. Good thing, I searched the number over the internet and saw this blog before they call again. And yes, a girl just called now, that she’s from Club ultima and so the story goes the same. After a few minutes, I cut her and said we’re not travelling.

        • Roberto says:

          Up until this day 2017 na, nagooperate pa din sila… thank you for this site…

    • Jessa D. Aguilar says:

      OMG got this call earlier today! Same modus OMG buti nalang I searched this. OMG talga.

    • ron says:

      Bros..sis.. same here I received a call just now from 0999 885 4374.. this modus still exists..ingat po tau buti na lang we have internet to google about it..

    • Jam says:

      I just got a call from them right now. It was from someone named Nadine Trinidad. The number is 09998854357. It’s creepy because this is a new number and haven’t given to anyone except my boyfriend who is living with me. This Nadine Trinidad said that a friend referred me to them. It’s really creepy that they know my number.
      P.S. I didn’t give my number to anybody else but this is connected to my Smart Money Mastercard (really creepy)

  2. trixie says:

    Oh thanks for the info, just got same call,

  3. ricky says:

    same story

    MR jun garcia called me up and tlod me that I was selected giving GC 3D2N at crown regency hotel.. the # 09998854359

  4. Abby says:

    same here Jun Garcia called me and told me that I was referred by a friend who stayed there but he couldn’t give me the name of my friend. He’s giving me a GC for 3D2N at any branches of crown regency hotel. Number is 09176452730

  5. anna says:

    Hi, same here, I just got same call and same offer from Geric Reyes 09176452736. Thanks that i found this blog. Thanks Julienne.

    • Kisya says:

      Good thing I searched any information regarding this call as I had received a call just now. Same number. Thanks for the info

  6. anna says:

    Hi, same here, I just got same call and same offer from Geric Reyes 09176452736. Thanks that i found this blog. Thanks Julienne.

  7. Red says:

    Same here (0917) 645 2733 eto un number

  8. Johnny says:

    Same here, using this number 09998854372

  9. gelo says:

    just recieved a call from (0917) 645-2733 now and they have same spiel. tsk..tsk…tsk… lets be careful 🙂

  10. Ken says:

    Had the same call this morning from Club Ultima telling me that from the group of people who attended a Medical Convention last week at PICC, they chose 15 lucky recipients and I of them to receive a GC for a 3D2N stay at any Crowne Regency hotel here in the Phil.I was asking the agent what’s the catch in that offer but kept on telling me it’s free and there’s no financial commitment or whatsoever. it was quite convincing but I had my hesitation because she said we only have until tomorrow to claim the GC on their office in Ortigas…. Such a very short notice… And in addition to that, it was an offer for COUPLES so she said that I should claim the GC together with my husband… Isn’t it weird… How does she know I was married?!?!… Well… Thanks for the blog…

  11. Mark says:

    Just this morning, a lady named Grace Tan called me up with the same offer from Crowne Regency Hotel Club Ultima. I told her that she need to send me an e-mail about the details of this promo and I even ask her if this is a scam for anything the same on that matter but replied negatively. But when I google for this promo I come across this blog and convince myself that this is truly a SCAM. Thank you to this Blog or else what a WASTE OF TIME.

  12. tata cuizon says:

    on june 4, a certain Oscar called me up regarding the free GC’s at Crowne Regency which has no expiration (u-huh?nice one)but is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash,either.i didn’t mind the call and the blah-blah because i’m too pre-occupied with my work.but what puzzles me was that he knew my REAL name and got it right (i have 3 given names and it’s not an ordinary name kya if you don’t know me at all,ul never know my real name).i tried asking him to where they got my number and how they know me.a certain friend or relative dw checked in there and wrote my name in the referral part of the form and they cannot disclose to me who could that person be.i thought, it ended there.but just an hour ago, a certain kim from the same company,”club ultima” reminded me of the free GC’s but I have to attended the visual presentation w/c is 90mins either today or tomorrow.i have an appointment today @5PM thus declined the offer BUIT she gave me an option that there’ll be a 2nd batch of the said presentation tomorrow,6/14/2013 @5-7pm.all i have to do is to CONFIRM if i’m going or not.it’s a dinner reservation for 3pax and she told me that i can bring 2pax wd me.i hesitated for a moment but later on, i did agree to tag along 2 pax wd me….she even told me that there’s no FINANCIAL LIABILITY and i need not bring any cash with me just to make sure that their offer is not all about money.now, as i’ve read julienne’s blog,i’m quite hesitant to attend the presentation or not but there’s something in me that wants to prove if indeed these CLUB ULTIMA experience will indeed be a BEAUTIFUL experience or ONE that can be CURSED for a lifetime.let’s just wait and see what will happen tomorrow,hehehe….i’ll surely jot it down here my soon-to-be-experience of club ultima…

    • Julienne says:

      Hi Tata!

      Wow thanks for sharing your experience. Keep us posted if it turns out to be legit! 🙂


    • Rhea says:

      Hi. I just want to know about your experience? did you avail of the membership they are offering?

    • Joyce says:

      Exactly a year and a day after Tata Cuizon’s post, I got a call too. i need not type in the details on here, since all details in Tata’s comments are exactly the same in this phone call I received. As I was speaking with the caller, I immediately googled… it’s good to be skeptical with these types of phone calls. It would have been better if they just laid all their cards on the table and tell you what they are really after, instead of giving all these too-good-to-be-true freebies and perks, only to be offered something else when you claim your “prize”. Mind you, I am from Pampanga, and just imagine all the time, effort and money that I will be “wasting” for a 90-minute presentation of a something which I do not have plans buying anyway.

  13. jay says:

    ok thanks for the post. im invited too.. but what is the scam?..
    its just a story….

  14. Neil Adona says:

    this is what i received after receiving the same call.

    Good day. As part of our promotion. You’re one of our candidate to receive a Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate in CROWN REGENCY HOTELS. It will be a three (3) days and two (2) nights stay. Good for two (2) adults and two (2) kids and N0 expiration. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to avail our promo. View us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info / referrals call or text 2180647/09174851243 and look for Mr. Prince Villarama Designation : Surveyor From Club Ultima Company Thank you and Godbless…

    I think it’s quite the same as Marketing strategy used by Days Hotel in Batangas when Jason Gainza was still there as an agent. anyway, thanks for posting this blog. Me and my wife almost went to their office like they instructed us to do.

  15. mylifejoys says:

    Beyond the freebies mentioned in the call which I never received, I bought the time share 4 years ago and is a legit international time share. i got to earn 7 nights vouchers per year without expiration and is transferable.

    I agree that the method of luring clients with the freebies (with hidden fees at that) is annoying. the products are good if only they’d just get straight to selling the benefits of having a time share and it won’t appear to be like a scam.

  16. ND says:

    I was about to go to their said building office here in Makati, but I just made some last minute googling and found this blog. very helpful and made me not waste time.

  17. DDS says:

    I just received a call today and thought that it was a scam. Glad I saw this blog. Thanks!

  18. Truth says:

    The accomodation isnt really for free even if they say you won… You have to pay for the booking fee amounting to 3k pa… They are deceiving…

  19. pinky says:


    Too bad i read this thread too late!!! My dad just told me he went into this free buffet and got free GCs (trip to Palawan) but then, he gave in to the timesharing thing paying 30K instantly!!! WHat will happen next??? :”(

  20. Mydz says:

    Got a call just now, so i searched and found this. I will never go to this

  21. rj says:

    Same thing happen to me. Joy Lim called me just now.
    She wants me to go to their office tom together with my husband. Good thing we check it on google and found your blog. Thanks alot!

    • ed says:

      Me and my wife also wasted almost 2 hours on this scam.
      I blamed myself for not googling up about this club ultima offer before going into their so called 90 minute presentation to familiarize their hotel. Turned out they are trying to convince me to make an almost half a million investment after that 90 minute sales talk and I am not allowed to think it over even for overnight. They want me to decide NOW. I wonder how many people will decide with such investment within 90 minutes.

      • Eumar says:

        My God! Doing the same like u guys. Im googling if they really have this kind of promo cause it sounded so good. Last march 11,2016 we went to happy mong in mandaue,cebu. I was signing a raffle ticket i dont know what for,i didnt read..
        The next they i had 8missed call. The moment i picked up it was from Crown regency they said telling me i just got picked selected to have a 50%discount GC for their luxury room and or a free ride in their famous sky ride and a free park in their basement. I just have to present an id and stay there for 90mins for a hotel tour. And they even said we had resrved table and a refreshment and merienda after, before the releasing of the GC. I really dont want to waste my time for this cause i know they’ll be talking us out for something. But theyre really persistent like i get a missed call more than 20times already since march 12,2016. I was starting to really going there bec. Of the free ride i could get. So i started looking fot their website to really know if its legit before id give it a go. I already said ill be there at three. Im sure they’re gonna call again.

  22. hazel says:

    Oh my goodness. Its 2014 and theyre still up to it. They just called my partner today and said she was just referred by a friend. Question is they know her full name. Where do they get her details?

  23. Joyce says:

    Exactly a year and a day after Tata Cuizon’s post, I got a call too. i need not type in the details on here, since all details in Tata’s comments are exactly the same in this phone call I received. As I was speaking with the caller, I immediately googled… it’s good to be skeptical with these types of phone calls. It would have been better if they just laid all their cards on the table and tell you what they are really after, instead of giving all these too-good-to-be-true freebies and perks, only to be offered something else when you claim your “prize”. Mind you, I am from Pampanga, and just imagine all the time, effort and money that I will be “wasting” for a 90-minute presentation of a something which I do not have plans buying anyway.

  24. sol says:

    Hi Everyone, I have the same experience whereby these people from Ultima is calling me regarding this GC’s that I can get for free at their office in Makati

    Club Ultima Co. LE
    Metropole Bldg
    G/F Unit 102 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue
    Corner Tordesillas St Makati City
    Beside Ministop & Philtrust Bank)

    I was required to bring only a valid ID and bring a friend if I chose to. I just told them that I’ll drop by this coming Saturday and send me the exact address. Hence, I was able to get the above information.

    Just sharing.

  25. Joyce says:

    Hi! I got the same call just today. I didn’t answer the second call na since I want to assure first the credibility of the company then I found this, On the first call they told me that I’m entitled for 3d/2n stay at any crown regency hotel for free good for family pack, they said they got my number from a friend whom I was referred. I asked for the name but they can’t provide it and they also asked for my age,if I’m still single and what my job title, for further inquiry they told me that someone will call me again on how I could get the certificate.

    Here’s what I receive after I receive the call
    “Good day, Ms. <>! As part of our Promotional Campaign. You’re one of our lucky recepient to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate for an ULTIMATE VACATION GETAWAY (NO expiration date or Validity Period) in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. It will be (3)days and (2)nights stay in Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan Cebu City or Agdao Davao. Good for Family Package, (2)adults & (2)kids. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo. (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION/NO COMMITENT). View us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info. / referrals, call or text (02)904-7792 / (02)218-8514 / 0917-645-2735 / 0935-434-4234 and look for Mr. Rey Alonzo from Club Ultima Philippines And Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts. Thanks and Godbless!”

    We all must be careful with this kind of offer we aren’t sure.

  26. jhelle says:

    Got this phone call today and afterwards this text.
    Thanks for the info guy…
    Good day, Mrs. ÷_÷_=_÷£€£! As part of our Promotional Campaign. You’re one of our lucky recepient to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate for an ULTIMATE VACATION GETAWAY (NO expiration date or Validity Period) in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. It will be (3)days and (2)nights stay in Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan Cebu City or Agdao Davao. Good for Family Package, (2)adults & (2)kids. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo. (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION/NO COMMITENT). View us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info. / referrals, call or text (02)904-7792 / (02)218-8514 / 0917-645-2735 / 0935-434-4234 and look for Mr. Rey Alonzo from Club Ultima Philippines And Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts. Thanks and Godbless!

  27. Hazel says:

    I just sent a cancellation letter via email to Club Ultima this morning. I appreciate their quick response. My membership deactivated this afternoon. So glad they responded to my email. Never mind the 10k we paid upon signing up, what’s important is that the auto debit to my credit card for the monthly ammortization was stopped. Just sharing for those who wish to cancel their membership.

  28. Hazel says:

    After reading comments/reviews/blogs from different sites, I decided to cancel our membership. I also have a valid reason that’s why I sent a letter today to Club Ultima and they deactivated my membership within the day. Goodbye to our 10k. Just sharing for those who wish to cancel their membership.

    • Chad says:

      so sad for the people that paid the 10K. i wonder how many people gave in to the pressure of the sales of Club Ultima. big revenue for club ultima coz that 10K has no cost to them. it’s as cleas as a whistle.

  29. LB says:

    I just receive a phone call ? So it is true ? Not A scam ?

  30. Rico says:

    Got a call and sms. Good day! As part of our Promotional Campaign. You’re one of our lucky recepient to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate for an ULTIMATE VACATION GETAWAY (NO expiration date or Validity Period) in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. It will be (3)days and (2)nights stay in Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan Cebu City or Agdao Davao. Good for Family Package, (2)adults & (2)kids. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo. (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION/NO COMMITENT). View us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info. / referrals, call or text (02)904-7792 / (02)218-8514 / 0917-645-2735 / 0935-434-4234 and look for Mr. Rey Alonzo from Club Ultima Philippines And Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts. Thanks and Godbless!

  31. jun says:

    Hi Hazel May i know the email ad of club ultima? Im planning to deactivate my membership

  32. PAULO says:

    while googling the caller’s cp number 09176452734, 09176452730, i received the 3rd call from the bakla who called himself angel. he again announced i won a free stay at crown regency hotel and offering some gifts of sorts. i asked how come i won? sagot nya through a raffle daw done at world trade center car show some months ago. malas nya i never visited any car show for the past 5 yrs. I asked for their office here in metro manila, nasa balibago, sta rosa daw. i immediately shouted at him ”you’re scam” and slammed the phone at his face.

  33. Ice Perez says:

    I think dapat may mag report nito sa DTI or any agency na pwede ireport yung promotion nila because they are fooling people. When i told them I am not interested, they still keep calling me. Mga manloloko!

  34. bebe says:

    is the GC valid??

  35. ardy says:

    I have same details and experience with this kind of call earlier today. good thing i research about it! But this time they used the name skyexperienceadventure.com instead of club ultima.thanks!

  36. jo bolasco says:

    just went to club ultima where they had a 90 minute presentation regarding if you want to be a member or not. after the 90 min presentation they will give you a certificate with no validity but has a 3000 pesos booking fee kung saan mang hotel you prefer. i also called the customer service hotline of club regency they confirm na affiliated sa kanila ang club ultima.

    • chris says:

      I also got it here during the meet up humingi sila ng valid ID to confirm our identity during their explanation we were in a small room with the guy named Eric Monterola nagmamadali talaga siya during explanation then anglakas ng music nila we can also see other people on another table who were having discussion with another person from ultima tumawag ako sa crown regency after that to confirm connected nga daw sila. They are really gathering names from people who they meet not sure if I can trust them though.

      • chris says:

        I refuse na ibigay ang numbers ng friends ko on their referral masyadong mabilis and they use noisy environment I’m from davao sang mga lugar po ba kayo? I just need to know the legitimacy of this as they use na palabasing raffle draw ito and fillup some form at penongs kaya nadala din ako.

  37. We got the same call and was about to meet these guys had it not been for the blog.

  38. glenn says:

    same thing happened to me just last oct.15. i signed the apllication but decided to cancell it last oct. 20.they cancelled the next day but sad thing, i’m still working on the reversal of my payment to citibank.still waiting for the result.. if no action will be made, will file a compalint sa DTI OR SEC with the help of the media .SO UNFAIR to pay 10,000 without benifiting anything.what kind of business practice is this?the scheme and strategy..for sure, there is consumer act bill for the welfare and protection of consumers against this kind of misleading presentation of any business..

  39. L.A says:

    Got a call from them ngaun ngaun lang at same nang story mo.. good thing nag google agad ako and tadaa napunta ko dito sa blog mo..haizt!

  40. Mark says:

    Grabe ito ang kulit, siguro nakaka 3 na tawag na in 2 days. Buti na lang na-verify yung mga suspicions ko because of blogs such as this.

  41. joey says:

    i just got the call from Ms. Lalaine Cortez (Exec. Reservation Officer) – 09998854373 & 0999854372. SAME STORY… Good thing i browsed the net and read your blog..They got my info(my number, name etc.) in a recently held exihibit in SMX MOA.

    • Febs says:

      Just got a call from the same number, 09998854373. Actually this is the 3rd time they called me. I went to Manila Ocean Park two weeks ago. Two ladies approached me at the entrance of the said park.They gave me two raffle stubs to fill up. I asked what it is for, they said it’s for their (manila ocean park) ongoing raffle promo for a free accommodation in a hotel (can’t remember the name). To make it short, I gave them my name and contact number. Then a few days later, somebody called me asking for more info, i.e my birthday, marital status, my husbands’s work. Well since the girl told me that they’re the one whom I’ve spoke with when I went to manila ocean park regarding the free accommodation promo, I gave the info. Then today, I got another call from the same number asking me if my husband is still onboard because I won a GC for a free accommodation and that I need to claim it together with my husband. I became suspicious now, coz if Im the one who won, why do I need to bring my husband with me in order to claim the prize. In fact, my husband’s name is not even written in that raffle stub. So strange! Wasn’t able to get her name, but her voice, sounds like she’s trying to make it small as much as possible. So annoying. I asked her if I can I get the GC alone. She said will let me know if I can claim it without my husband then she bid goodbye and hung up! Good thing I saw this blog. Those idiots should go to hell!

  42. Ian says:

    Just today I got a “missed” call from this number. 09176452730 tried googling it and found this site. Thanks for sharing

  43. Aisha says:

    Thank you for this blog. I got the same exact call only from this number 0916-6971099 from a Youri Quizon. And I won the same crap it seems everyone has “won”. So disappointing for a hotel such as the Crown Regency to be associated with this marketing spam. Nakaka walang gana to go any crown regency hotel.

  44. bonita says:

    I got a call just now from a certain Angel Perez and he’s using the number 09176452733. simula pa lang ng conversation namen I was doubtful kase wala akong sinalihan na promo para manalo ng GC. when I asked him kung san nya nakuha yung name ko, sabi nya sa isang convention daw sa SMX. I did not attend any convention of any sorts here in Manila. he was also trying to fish for info like my husband’s name, my work, my husband’s work and my address. I gave very vague answers to protect our privacy. when I ask him questions, he’s acting like we’re having a choppy line so he would disconnect and call me again, tapos iba na yung topic, clearly dodging my probing. sinakyan ko lang. I asked about their company profile o kung may website ba sila. he then sent me a text message, bearing the same content as to what was posted by others above using the number 09998854356. pinipilit pa nya ako kung pwede daw ba mamaya eh kunin ko na yung GC at may free buffet daw. akala siguro saken eh patay gutom at magkukumahog sa free buffet na yan. hahahaha! when he called again after sending the text message, I didn’t answer. I googled and found this. thank you so much for posting this blog. it confirmed my doubts. 🙂

  45. Alyssa says:

    Hayy. Buti na lang nakapagbrowse agad ako sa internet at nakita ko tong blog mo. Tagal na pala nito pero mukhang di pa naaaksyunan. Nakatanggap din ako ng tawag ngayon ngayon lang from 09174718423. Syempre medyo naexcite ako kasi mahilig talaga ako sumali sa mga raffle. Naisip ko baka isa ito dun at nalimutan ko lang. Pero mukhang scam naman talaga ito since nagtatanong ako sa kanila kung sino yung nagreffer sakin sakanila ay wala silang maibigay. salamat talaga! Hndi na mawaste ang time namin pagpunta sa office nila. 🙂

  46. Jessica Cruz says:

    Omg! Thank goodness I searched for Club Ultima Philippines, and saw your site. I was about to go there later at 1pm. Thank goodness.

    – Je

  47. MISMOMAN says:

    My wife received the same call a few days ago.name: DIANA PERALTA Good thing i experienced working on the call center with the similar MODUS OPERANDE (Cancun,Mexico vacation scam). making people believed that they will have the best discount of a lifetime. asked to attend the 90mins video. good thing we google right away. ♥☺☻

  48. Alvin says:

    Really? I just paid their 30% deposit. Talk about money burned. 🙁

  49. ned says:

    Got the same call from club ultima today. I knew right away it was a scam and thanks to this blog, others will not be mislead. Just remember.. there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

    Thanks, Ms. Julienne.

  50. bbyambbyam says:

    I just received a call today (09174851246) from a lady claiming she’s from Club Ultima, partner daw ng Crown Regency as far as I understand. I got excited at first to know about the free GC I won daw, but then as she continued to give details, sobrang nakakaduda na. I was pre-occupied with something else when she called so nawala na sa isip ko magtanong ng details after she bombarded me with details and questions, so I googled instead after the call. Apparently marketing strategy pala. The funny thing is that she told me she will just call within this week for the details on how to claim the “prize”. Siguro di na nya ippursue ang pagkakaprospect nya sa akin after she found out na mukhang wala sya mapapala sa akin (after she asked me if I’m married, employed, have my own business, where I have alreadt travelled, etc.) because I just graduated from college, I haven’t travelled a lot yet, and I don’t have the money they need to invest on whatever their stuff is, hehehe.

    Thanks for this blog post! Very helpful indeed! 🙂

    • Herman Tan says:

      What i like about Club Ultima is the free food and the rest is full of crap. just think twice before u get really burned.

  51. bucks says:

    i was late to read this blog, still their operation on going, some calles in my number that they’re from club ultima in partner with crown regency, same thing as a read the other blog post. but i did gave a little info of myself (was it bad??) and they still call up today, how to deal with this call, please help. i just gave my info because im busy of doing something and this offer came in an instant, i just way to fascinated of their offer, book a schedule this after but not planning to attend now, after what i read. thanks to this blog really really really big thanks.

  52. joejoe says:

    may tumawag din sakin at daming nilang kumausap sakin. nag isip ako kung san nila nakuha ung number and info ko. tapos naalala ko na nung umaga bago sila tumawag galing akong DFA para kumuha ng passport. meron akong finill-up an dun na tingin ko nga di related sa DFA. pero andun yung papel na fifill upan mo sa window nung processing. siguro dapat masugod yung sa DFA na yun hahaha. kaya babala na lang na kung mapunta kayo sa DFA megamall tanungin nyo yung mag papa fill up sa inyo kung para san yun at kung alang header ung papel na fifill upan nyo na DFA.

    Salamat sa blog na to. muntik ko ng puntahan ung free buffet dinner ngaun. buti nag google muna ako. haha.

    • maridel lagarde says:

      kmi din husband ko papunta n sna ngyon free diner din daw buti tinanong nmin company nila pag search ko ito nabasa ko dhil una naniwal kmi pero naisip ko wl nman kming sinalihan pno kmi mananalo oo nagpunt kmi ocean park 2013 p sbi nila tintong ko kausap ko last year daw ky nag k idea ako scam 2 naisip kurin s panahon ngyon wl ng libre hehehe ty tlga buti d kmi pumunta kc sayang kita nmin s internet shop kung isasara lng nmin s wlng kuwenta

  53. Des says:

    Its 2015 and it is still on going. Wow!

  54. LG says:

    oww so there is a catch for this promotion!I got a call and a text message about this offer just this morning! His name is Prince Villarama and the phone# he used is 09174851243.3D2N free accomodation for 2 adults and 2 kids in any 3 crown regency hotels in cebu and 1 in davao. according to Prince there is no monetary obligation. the only catch is a word of mouth from my experience.ginamit pa nya anf website ng skyadventure na http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com.crap!scam na namn pala to.muntik na akong maniwala kasi I had transactions with crown regency before.but I was wondering as well where they get my number since I just changed it recently. I was doubtful tlga at parang familiar sa akin ang name nya.i checked crown regency website as well and I dodn’t see this promotion. I also checked the contact number they gave me and i’s different from what they have in their website.buti nalng naisip ko mag google about this and nakita ko tong blog mo. thanks for the info. 🙂

  55. Kaye says:

    Just got a call from that number a few minutes ago – +0917-485-1243 and telling the exact same thing. Thank you for sharing this in your blog!

  56. Cielo says:

    Same situation as mine. Got a call from this no +63 999 885 1695 january 29, 2015. He said im a lucky winner of 3d 2nights vacation either in crown regency davao or cebu branch anytime peak season or holiday. He asked me if im single, my age, my job, etc. He knows my whole name pero di nya masabi san nya nakuha talaga name ko bakit ako nanalo etc. Baka daw kasi nag join ako last year sa isang seminar sa smx convention. Text daw nya sakin details after our call convo. Tawagan din daw ako ng manager nila after 3 days para ma explain pano ma pick up yung gc. Asked pa nya kung san ko gusto pick up kung ortigas, makati ba. Buti nalang may blog about this.

  57. Len says:

    Mine started when we went to Manila Ocean Park, the guy said it was a raffle coupon for some price I cant remember. I got my call today and was informed that I won the raffle. Since I lost the coupon, I told him to give it to somebody else. Then he said it’s ok to claim the coupon with a valid ID. I just need to go there and watch some quick presentation. Aha! I knew it, thanks to this blog, I’m spared.

  58. Mabelle says:

    I also received a call a while ago from someone called Lorraine 0917-4851237. Same thing, same offer, same bullshit!
    May mga tao talagang walang magawa! Thanks for this blog!

  59. Roji says:

    I’m happy i came through across this. I sent Crown Regency an inquiry about the offer minutes ago..

    ” Hi, good morning. I’ve received a call and a text message (please see below) from a certain Prince Villarama. Can you please confirm if this is legitimate? He mentioned on the phone that this is absolutely free and can be availed anytime upon claiming the gift certificate. Please advise. Thank you.

    “Good day! As part of our promotion. You will be receiving from us a Privilege Luxury Hotel Accmmodation Gift Certificate in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL for a (3) days and (2) nights stay FAMILY PACKAGE Good for two adults and two kids NO EXPIRATION with NO Strings attached. One of our Rewards department officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo. For more info, visit us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com.ph or call/Text 09174851243 and llok for Mr. Prince Villarama, from Club Ultima Phils and Crown Regency Hotel and Resorts! Thanks and Godbless ..” “

  60. Arnel says:

    thank you for the info. just preparing myself to get my 3D2N
    gift certificate this afternoon.

  61. Tophe Paz says:

    Thank you for your blog! I knew it! I knew it! I just received a call from a certain Loraine Raz and her number is 09174851237. Same information. I just entertained the call pero weird ung mga questions nila, if i’m single, 100% single? blah blah blah. I tried asking kung sinong friend nag refer pero unfortunately daw di nila alam kasi wala naman daw don sa referral form yung name ng nag refer. So sabi oh that’s odd and that’s stupid! hahahha

    I really have no plan in going to their office pero i got curious and good thing I saw this blog 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

  62. jp says:

    Got the same Modus Operandi from Club Ultima on Feb. 15, 2015: Someone called me up to inform me that someone referred me and i am qualified to win a 2 days 3 nights free hotel accommodations at any Crown Regency Hotel with buffet dinner for 2. Imagine my surprise and excitement! who wouldn’t want a free gift certificate for a free hotel staycation with buffet dinner, right? So the caller went on in asking very personal questions bordering with some rudeness but i let it pass. Then the caller passed the phone to a girl named Ms. Francheska Diaz, Executive Reservations Officer, and she asked me to confirm my attendance the next day, Feb. 16, 2015 from 5 – 8pm to claim my free gc, attend the 90 min. presentation i said okay but then something came up and had to cancel. Thought that’s the end of it, but they were so persistent in calling and texting again by a certain Ms. Ynah Laurel, The reservation Manager of Club Ultima/Crown Regency, and so i agreed to go to their office at Le Metropole on Feb. 21, 2015. Had no inkling that it was some sort of scam! My sister even cautioned me that it might be a joke! When i googled for Club Ultima, i didn’t see your blog at first. So D day came and i enter their office and look for Francheska Diaz at Reception. I find their seedy and cramp office a little suspicious! Why would such a presumed prestigious/exclusive club membership for hotels & resorts stay in such an ugly office! The woman at Reception didn’t even have an identification card on her. After a while, the receptionist called a woman with big boobs meet me downstairs, she later introduced herself as Joan Sia, again she wasn’t wearing any id card herself. So, Joan’s sales pitch commenced because i ask her to start already because i just wanted to get things over and done with and get what i came for the staycation gc to my demise, she told me i can only use it at Cebu or Davao. Damn, i said am leaving i hate Cebu coz it’s hot there and Davao is too far off! Then i said, look at your cebu hotel it’s so ugly i wouldn’t stay there even if it’s for free! The first woman who called me up telling me i can win a free hotel gc said that i can use the gc at CRH Makati. When i was already bored with the presentation of Joan, i said to her: why don’t we just cut to the chase and show me how much does your membership cost? Php499,905 for a lifetime membership. Who would want to get old and gray, keep traveling and stay at your hotels! Then she offered a 15 year membership for about Php184,000 with dp of just Php10,000. What i find odd is why do i still need to pay maintenance fees! Highway robbery really! Your 90 mins. is up…are we done? She accompanied me to reception, have me sign on the record that i claimed the free gc of a 2 d 3 n stay at any hotel of my choosing either in Cebu or Davao. It was inside an envelope w/c i opened before leaving the premises. I even exclaimed upon reading it (Alam niyo FALSE ADVERTISING TALAGA KAYO!!! I saw that she was super inis at me hahaha!!!)that there’s a non-refundable booking fee of Php 3000. Payment should be made before certificate can be used. They wasted my time, effort, cab fare in going to their ugly office! Everything just sank in, after i had lunch at Glorietta, that’s when i tried to google: Have you been fooled by Club Ultima? and your blog came up along with a string of other posts about Club Ultima/Crown Regency membership scam. Now, how do we get even steven with scammers like these Club Ultima People? How do we report them to the proper authorities?

  63. jp says:

    By the way, here are the mobile numbers they used:

    Francheska Diaz: 09163444608

    The First Caller which i did not catch her name: 09273809876

    Ynah Laurel: 09166679269

  64. Stella Selene says:

    Hi guys. I did have the same experience as everyone in here. And yes, its true that if you are here, you have been called, fooled, scammed, and cheated.

    Lucky to most of us we were able to find this one and im thankful I did.

    So ayun, my husband got a call from them a week ago lookig for me. Since I was at the grocery store..they were not able to talk to me.
    Then yesterday..I had a chance to talk to one of their stupid marketers.

    Informed me that I was one of the 15 selected winners of a lifetime gift cert to any Crowne Regency Hotel. All I have to do is claim it at their corporate office, no financial liability, just need to bring one valid id and my husband for our signatures. We have to stick for a 90 mins presentation and etc..then after that, awarding na daw ng GC.
    I asked this gay dude named Sydney lopez if this was a scam and asked all the questions where they got my info from etcetc. And the same dodgy answers. Referral daw nag nag check in. E since last year, nag check in parents ko hotel nila sa mactan, I thought that it could be a possibility. But
    .still good to be true.

    So after the phone call from that person, I asked my parenta about it and they told.me that they did no such thing and I should ignore it because its a scam.

    Then I googled it and glad I dodge a bullet. Thank you guys for your sharing and hopefully alot more people will be able to find this blog.

    I wish crowne regency will do something about it. Its really despicable and low of them if they will keep continuing their affiliation with these people.

  65. singlemom says:

    Haha, just what I thought it was thanks for sharing this julienne
    and good thing I read reviews about this kind of stuff, people do care.. so after reading this i will just blocked his number from calling me again thanks so much!

  66. Cres bondoc says:

    Oh my! This blog is our savior. My bf got this call from a lady named iya. Super exact mga details. I cant wait to show this blog to him. Galing pa naman ako ng tarlac.

  67. mel says:

    Thanks for this blog!
    I recvd a call just now from this number 09279227560 with the name of Nica Cruz. I just have this feeling during our conversation that this is a scam. I asked her if this is really legitimate and she mentioned that it is and no money involve. All we need to do is to attend on their dinner invitation and sit down for 90mins presentation of their hotel listing so we can choose which is best then thats it! Sounds nice d ba and good to be true. I asked her where did she got my husband details ans she said at ocean park upon registration. Its like a “pasasalamat” of crown regency hotel and they are giving this kind of free tickets worth 18k and no expiration until 5yrs! its a wow! ganda parang totoo. I texted them to inform na baka matulfo sila kaya tigilan nalang nila tong kalokohan nila and you know what hindi na sila nagreply. Hay totally scam!

  68. Amber Liu says:

    Got a same call today, offering a free stay in Crown Regency Hotel. I let him do the talking but still not convinced on what he’s saying. I asked him if who’s the person who referred my but he cant give me any and told me that they dont get their names. (Nagtaka ako kasi, the referrer can give other names but they cant give their own name. LOL!) He asked about my status, working place and position. Before he ends the call, he told me that he’ll send me the details thru text. Shempre di na ako aasa. I was just curious about that call so I searched and I found this blog. Nice blog. Keep it up!

  69. jam says:

    Tinawagan ako today. Kaso tulog ako. Sabi nanalo daw ako ng promo nila. For what i know wala naman ako sinalihan. Kaya sabi ko ano po pinagsasabi nyo. Then i disconnected the line. Kesa sa waste ng time. Halata naman sila. Thanks!

  70. jenny says:

    I just have a phone call last april 8,2015 just like all other post in here……this is my last minute decision and went to google to search for their promos or GC’s for me to assure if this is really true…..and found this blog i decided not go now… Thank you guys for your updates…thank you julienne 🙂

  71. chel says:

    I just got the same phone call just now. I’m glad i researched about club ultima and found this thread.

  72. chel says:

    I got the same phone call just now. I’m glad i researched about club ultima and found this thread. The phone number used was 09176452734.

  73. Herman Tan says:

    Blog 4/16/2015. I recieved a call yesterday that i won a gc. So me and wife went 2nd floor westlife center in west ave q.c..
    90 mins . catalog outdated? The presenter said that they started 2006 but when manager came she said 2003 so who telling the truth. Gc free but booking fee 3000 no refunds. But the positive side is that i have a free dinner.
    so guys if your are looking for a free dinner go to this place or wait for a call from them. Remember dont bring credit card or cash. cellnumber 09176333175 for ur reservation free dinner .free gc.

  74. Chad says:

    Apparently, this number is still alive and well. I just got a call a few minutes ago and your website was the first that came up. Thanks for this info!

  75. Diane says:

    I just received the same call today (April 28 2015). Good thing I didn’t give much info. And for sure I will never go to them to “claim the 3D2N GC of Crown Regency.” Thanks for your blog. This is very helpful

  76. Lizbeth Baun says:

    Thanks for this very useful and informative blog. Got the same call just this afternoon. Just by what he said about the 3d 2n stay for free, I knew it was too good to be true, this is why I have looked for posts about it and this confirms it. These people should be reported and stopped from doing this old-school marketing strategy. They should know that we are not dumb enough to believe them.

    Again, thank you so much! 😀

  77. khedney says:

    I got the same call stating same above comments… hindi ba nakakatakot.. ano ba pinaplanong gawin ng mga yan?

  78. jean llano says:

    Mr. Glenn, did you file a complaint to DTI or Sec regarding this business? What is the status of your complaint sir? me, i just also received a call from Mr. Youri Quizon with tel no. 09228825645 with the same conversation like yours guys. thank you for Ms. Juliene.

  79. Umi says:

    Just recieved same call from a guy Prince Villarama, Crown Regency Hotels & Resort.

  80. Macy Santos says:

    The is still alive! Haha..I’ve been duped too.

  81. lani says:

    hi. just got a call last April 30, 2015 when i was in Cebu and i said im not interested when the caller began to ask me questions about my work, family. And now i got a call again. thanks for this. now i know i should not receive their calls. thanks again.

  82. jenny d. says:

    I guess they are still up to this and will be for the comming years pa. just received a phone call earlier at katulad na katulad ng lahat ng comments dito. it is really surprising na nanalo ako eh napaka malas ko nga. sabi nia pa na mukhang bata pa raw ako kasi ang bata ng boses ko kaya nagtanong cya f im married or not. pgka alam nia na single pa ako, nanghingi nalang irerefer ko raw.ano ba naman to, mananalo na nga lang, sa scam pa. haha. eto number ginamit nila: 09438076797

  83. miners says:

    Someone just called me yesterday from 09174851246. Same script, buti nalang sabi ko sa girl I’m not from Manila; she will just callback nalang daw and ask first the management. LOL

  84. Christine says:

    Good thing I searched first and found this blog. It’s 2015, and I got a call earlier from a Prince Villarama, telling me I got a GC for a 3 days 2 nihts stay in any Crown Regency, good for 2 adults and 2 kids, then after the call I received this text message:

    Good day!
    As part of our promotional campaigne. You will be receiving from us a privilege Luxury Hotel Accmmodation Gift Certificate in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL
    for a (3) days and (2) nights stay
    Good for two adults and two kids
    with NO Strings attached.
    One of our Rewards department officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo.
    You can visit our website http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com
    For more info call or text (02) 2188514 / 09174851243 and look for Mr. Prince Villarama
    Thanks and
    God bless..

    I wonder how they got my full name and contact number though. Thanks for this blog anyway 🙂

  85. Pawrow Abordow says:

    I just got a call and text today. Same with others, the text looks something like this:

    “Good day! As part of our Promotional Campaign. You’re one of our lucky recepient to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate for an ULTIMATE VACATION GETAWAY (NO expiration date or Validity Period) in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. It will be (3)days and (2)nights stay in Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan Cebu City or Agdao Davao. Good for Family Package, (2)adults & (2)kids. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to claim our promo. (NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION/NO COMMITENT). View us at http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info. / referrals, call or text (02)904-7792 / (02)218-8514 / 0917-645-2735 / 0935-434-4234 and look for Mr. Rey Alonzo from Club Ultima Philippines And Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts. Thanks and Godbless!”

    But now, they give you their names. Mine was Mr. Carlo Pascual with the number of 09176452732.

    He told me that I will be receiving a text about claiming the voucher blah blah. And of course, I don’t have any plan claiming it.

  86. amy says:

    I also got lured by these marketing strategy.unfortunately i cannot refund the 10k i paid.no use that i made a letter.for cancellation and refund and all they replied was a copy of the contract saying NO REFUND.90minutes was 3hours.lesson learned.im.still lucky coz my friend joined club astoria same marketing strategy and he paid in full thinking it was an investment.

  87. Marcy says:

    Yep. They are still doing it.
    Just received a call 5mins ago. Same story.
    They asked for my position and my age. I knew anything free na hindi ko sinalihan is too good to be true.

    Name: Ram
    Numbers used:

    Almost decided to go. Buti nalang naisip ko muna magcheck online.

  88. naomie says:

    grabe! until now, they still exist. got a call from them yesterday and today, pina claim yung GC. muntik na kami pumunta sa office nila kanina, (as in, nasa west ave. na kami) ang address na binigay ay sa 2/F Westlife bldg, west ave. QC, buti na lang, pinigilan ako ng husband ko at tama nga sya now na nabasa ko ito..thanks

  89. Unkown says:

    Received a call from unknown number 0917-485-1243, you guessed it Club Ultima. It’s already June 2015. These guys called several times in the past and have advised them I’m not interested in anything they have to offer, and asked to be removed from their list.

  90. Jmmdc018 says:

    Thanks for this blog! It is very helpful. I have schedule today for the 90 mins. presentation and to claim the free GC and now I still have time not to attend to this crap. Someone is calling me using this number 09998854367/09998854370 she keeps telling me that I won a 3D/2N accommodation from any Crown Regency.. I will never give any information about my family ever again!

  91. Grace says:

    Omg! Ijust received a call from them, first i believed because i received a raffle coupo from the entrpeneurship exhibit in megamall last june 5 2015. The way they give the coupon is like an ambush while im walking .gosh! What awaste oftime. Thanks i saw this blog.

  92. mon-c says:

    they got my details at an event last dec. 2014… they called me then…i said yes to them, but i did not go to the said venue… because they insist that my wife should go with me to claim the GC… we just had a baby then so she cant go…

    now, i just received another call from them…
    they said, since i did not claim my CG, they had another “Raffle” and i was “chosen” yet again…

    thanks to this blog, i’ve known what those 90mins video presentation is for and what they really want…

  93. Bechie Mangoba says:

    Hi Ms. Julienne and everyone here. Kindly contact me because I had the same horrible experience with Club Ultima. My numbers are 0917.781.7171 and 0919.998.7171
    Please help me take our complaints to the proper agencies. I will definitely take action against them.

    • Julienne says:

      Hey Bechie,

      Sorry I just saw your comment now. To be honest, there is limited actions you can take and unless they took money from you (illegally and without your consent), then it’s not worth your time to deal with them. BUt then again, I don’t know the facts of your story. I’m also not a lawyer so I cannot help in this regard but depending on your circumstance, you may want to seek professional advise to check if it’s worth pursuing them.


  94. Rhiz says:

    Mabuti nabasa ko ang blog na ito at kung hindi, kasama na kami ng partner ko na mabibiktima nila. I attended a franchise expo in SMX just this last Saturday. Yesterday, a certain Alex Yu called informing me that I was one of the lucky recipients of 3D2N Crown Regency Hotel accommodation in Davao. Of course, I got excited at first but I realized bakit walang pangalan man lang ng hotel ang raffle stub. ‘Di ba sila proud sa promotions nila? I confirmed that I will attend the 90-minute presentation but was wondering bakit napakahaba kung ipapakita lang ang amenities at papipiliin daw ng suite na gusto namin. Then, today a certain Ynah texted asking me about the confirmation and what time kami makakapunta office nila sa Le Metropole Condominium, 5 pm to 8:30 pm daw hihintayin kami at may free dinner for two pa! Grabe nagtaka na ako kasi nabanggit na niya ang Club Ultima. Life-saving, money-saving and time-saving ang blog na ‘to so thank you very much! Dont be deceived by these kinds of promotions. Sana mag-isip sila ng ibang strategies, wag ganito. Pupunta pa talaga sila sa mga big events para makapanloko. Grabe 🙁

  95. Russell Torres says:

    Just received a missed call from 09176452730..

    Feeling ko same din ang reason..

  96. Ruth says:

    Thanx for this blog post! Just this Monday I received a call and a confirmation text from Mr. Stephen Tan 09174851241, then yesterday a call from a girl (09163444608) confirming our attendance on Sunday afternoon. Buti na lang, as early as now nabasa ko tong post na’to. We are planning pa naman to go to Manila just to pick up the promised GC from Crown Regency.

    thank you Ms. Julienne

    Thank you guys!

  97. Don martinez says:


    Thanks for this blog… I was about to go and fall to their trap.. You know they are very good in pursuing people just to make money. God, what is wrong with this world. I attend a seminar in Manila, and I remember a lady approached me and letting me fill up a paper. I was in a hurry and I don’t care. So I just make a quick fill up. After my seminar they called me they told me that I won a gift certificate a 3d2n stay on crown regency. At first I don’t believe it. Given the benefit of a doubt. Fuck!! I was right. Google help me. I pity those people a desperate move in making money!. Thanks for this blog HELPFUL!

  98. Mikw says:

    Greetings! This is Brenda Brown reservations manager of Crown Regency Hotel Davao promotion department. We would like to welcome your presence today afternoon July 11, 2015 between 12-3pm for the claiming and awarding of your privilege gift cert. 3days and 2nights either in Davao or Cebu. Pls be here for the complementary meal/lunch and bring valid ID each. Pls stay the 90 minutes proper awarding for you to choose your accommodation and for you to have a clear perspective of our hotels and resorts that we are promoting right now. Just look for Ms.Rica Mae Florentino at the reception. We are looking forward to welcome you here in Crown Regency Hotel Davao along J.P Cabaguio, Agdao. Your presence is highly appreciated. Thank you & God bless.

    >>>>>Eto po text sa akin after nilang tumawag… ndi ako nagpa uto. D next time nilang tumawag the girl/guy was very sarcastic and was forcing me 2 sign up 4 something. Hahaha.. salamat at nakita ko itong blog.

  99. Yve says:

    I’m so thankful I found this blog. I also received a call and text message from a certain Grace Morales and requiring me and my husband to go to their office and claim the voucher for the 3D2N hotel stay at Crown Regency Hotel.

    • gheng says:

      thank God, this could be a prank, I just received a call & text , same as true with yours.. and I really wonder how am I supposed to be referred by someone.. I kept on asking the name who referred but instead they insist that their internal files are confidential .. it waste my time entertaining the call

  100. Vina Rivera says:

    I got the same call over the weekend with the same spiel and i was prepared to sit through the presentation later today, despite my suspicions. Thank you for enlightening me, Ms. Julienne! Now I will have to make my own dinner plans 🙂

  101. Ace Opena says:

    Just got a call today from a Dereck Sanchez using these numbers: 09998851694. Good thing I searched the net while taking the call. Thanks, this blog was really a good help. I blocked the number from my phone.

  102. Club Ultima occupies 12 floors of Tower 2, giving you access to a world of convenience, unrivaled health and fitness nourishment; and 54 executive suites of the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in its 11th to 14th floors.

  103. maridel lagarde says:

    MS.FRANCHESKA DIAZ OR MS JENNY QUINTERO receptionist daw nila tel no. 0922 882 5709 same detail din ng s inyo sinabi smin buti nlng d kmi pumunta ngyon kainis lng umasa mga ank ko excited n sil kc eldies daughter ko unang nkausap sb ko nman nak wag kyong umasakc bka budol yan dmi ilng tawag at txt huling tnong ko pno kmi nanlo wl kming sinlihn ocean park daw kc pumunta kmi within year daw o next year naalala ko pumunt km ocean pak 2013 p ky sablay tlaga sil naisip korin wl n libre s pnahon ngyon tinanong ko company name nila sbi nila clubultima crown regeny pag search ko google ito nabasa ko buti nlng d nasyang araw nmin s wlng kuwentang mga tao ty s blog n 2 sasara b sna nmin com shop nmin pti d n papasok s work husband ko ty tlga bkit my mga taong gnito

  104. ron says:

    got a call also an hour ago from a Mr. Anton Suarez, no. 09176452732 thought it was true at first madame kase ako kaibigan na ahente ng group buying site akala ko na refer nila ako.. since my pc naman at internet i tried googling at eto n ako pareparehas tayo.. buti nalang nakita ko kagad to.. thanx for sharing your experiences..

  105. PR says:

    Ginagawa pa rin nila. Got a call and a text last June from Thomas Garcia (09176452732). I didn’t get a call back kasi siguro nakatunog na di ako mapera. They also got surprised when I said I’m not married kasi they thought I was. Labo. Hassle lang kasi I gave out personal details. I hope they don’t use yung mga details na nakuha nila sa atin. Nakakalungkot lang na they’re doing this, scamming people.

    How I found this? I was cleaning my phone’s inbox then I saw the forgotten text. Tried to call the number pero unattended. Googled it & here I am.

  106. HenLin says:

    I got a call and i just attended their “product presentation”, i was their for more than 2 hours. They are offering Php499,995 for the membership fee. Right there and then you need to shed almost Php135,000 to avail of their amenities and to get vouchers. So syempre, i played along… They were giving options on how to pay or avail of the payment scheme.. I end saying no then i got my voucher. As for the voucher, will check if i could use the same.

  107. JA MS says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it really helped me. Just now, a guy claiming that he’s from Crown Regency Makati, called my dad and said the same thing – that it was a raffle, that he won a 3days, 2 nights stay at Crown Regency for 4 adults with free buffet. He also instructed that we should claim the GC TODAY. I figured out that there was something sketchy so I google and tumbled upon your blog. Thanks for posting!

  108. jawenz says:

    omg!upon reading all these write ups, i was flabbergasted..it was the same experienced i have been through.. it was one hour ago when this DIANA DE GUZMAN, KYLE CASTRO and i forgot the other one called me saying, i won a gift certificate from CROWN REGENCY HOTEL located at Fuente Osmena, Cebu City. They told me the same thing regarding the requirement on how to claim the GC. at first i was doubtful since i was scammed way back ago.. Unfortunately, i was convinced at later part when they gave me the phone no. 418 7777 and told me that you can call that no.if i am hesitant to give my identity. so, in short to say, i called the no. and this KYLE CASTRO confirmed that the promo they were offering is true.the next thing happened was i gave our identities of who we were. now, without any second thought, we decided not to go. but hoping that our details will not be used to any transactions or purpose they will do.
    so thankful to find this blog..it helps a lot…

    • jawenz says:

      Ito pa, i have to look pa daw ni RHEA RAMOS sa reception area as we arrive there…BUT THANKS GOD,He enlightens my way to find ways to know beyond the promos…

    • Bea Suan says:

      Thank God for the guidance!The same number 418 7777 called us yesterday regarding the GC, free stay and a tour all over Crown Regency! Thank God I made a quick research before rushing into this privileges.

  109. Bisdakgirl says:

    I got a phone call (landline) this morning from a girl(didnt get her name) working for crown regency hotel. She said i was one of the lucky recipients of a free GC that includes hotel accommodation, dinner for 2, skyride experience and a tour around the hotel. She asked me if it was my first time to get a call from crown and first time to receive a free GC and I said yes to both. She then said the GC is only for married people then immediately asked if im married so I said yes and told her that my husband is not here. She asked if my hubby is an ofw and i said yes. She then told me to claim the free GC with my husband. I told her my husband won’t be back until Feb of next year then she said I should wait until he gets back to claim the gc then give them a follow up call since the free GC is valid for a year. Then i felt something is not right. I then searched if this thing is legit,good i bumped into this post. Thanks for sharing.

  110. theologaster says:

    same here guys, crown regency gift cert 3d2n
    ito number nila
    carlo pascual – 09176452735 <– 1st caller
    paula dela cruz – 09156086902 <– 2nd caller nagconfirm sa tawag ni carlo pascual
    as usual tulad ng sa inyo no financial obligation or whatsoever hehehe

  111. Celine says:

    Just got a call knina lang from Ms. Nicole Perez 09176452737..same story as yours po lahat ganun na ganun..at first medyo na-excite ako kasi nung nagtanong pa ako kung sino nag-refer sakin sabi baka isa sa mga friends ko. name and number lang daw kasi binibigay sa kanila..tapos nung tinanong ko kung kelan kaya ako possible na ni-refer january daw. eh since may mga friends and relatives naman kami na lagi nag-out of town so maybe isa nga sa kanila. after the call i searched it sa google and good thing, i found this blog..so helpful, now i know..thanks 🙂

  112. che says:

    Thanks for this post. I just got the same call this morning. He said that one of their agents will call me after 3 days on how to get my GCs. Kala ko naman tunay, excited pa naman ako ng konti…hahaha!

  113. tang says:

    got a call today from 09163444608 with same scenario… they got my name at the ocean park last Sept. 19, 2015… stupid me for giving my name and cp nr to the girl hurriedly asking my details…

  114. Lorenzo Santos says:

    Same story until now….

    Got a call last july 2015 after attending a summit at crowne plaza ortigas..

    Same story with the others… However, contact details are different :

    Cell No. : 0926-647-4433
    Contact Person : Ms. Bella Santos
    Ms. Ida Lopez (receptionist)
    (pretty sure these are not their real
    Office Address : Club Ultima
    AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
    Grnd Flr Unit 108 (back of Robinson
    ADB Ave. corner Garnet St.

    Thanks Ms. Julienne for this post..

  115. mich says:

    hi guys! thanks sa blog na toh. I’m also one of the victim of this club ultima scam.We attended the 90mins presentation. We got the free GC, but before that dami cheche bureche.They keep on saying they wont force you to sign up for their membership but they wont let you pass the opportunity to take their so called lifetime membership. You dont have option to think about their offer, you have to decide on the same they coz the offer was now very limited. We have no credit card and no 10k cash but they are damn desperate for us to sign up for the membership so they agree na 1k lang muna bayad namen.Now im decided not to pay the rest and im gonna cancel it right away.

    • Caroligne says:

      Hi Mich,
      Caroligne here from Cebu. Got same issues too. Did you get the gc? Was it free? Because they offered me a free rides – coaster edge and skywalk. Thanks

  116. Joy says:

    yung sa amin sayang 20k dp no refundable. cancel ko kasi membership. Goodbye 20k kahit anong pakiusap mo hindi na talaga pwede ibalik masakit nga sa bulsa. mag aabang nalang ako ng karma.

  117. iah co says:

    i just got a call and text today.thank you so much for this blog
    Good day! Mr.Robert Joseph Mendoza & Ms.Mariah Ruset Co,Our office address: Clubultima Crown Regency Office. (tel#5090165/3468724/5050318). You can claim your gift certificate here at LE Metropole Bldg. G/f Unit 102 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, corner tordesillas st., salcedo village makati, beside ministop, philtrust bank and m0ndrag0n house, near (BIR/PAG-IBIG) inline of RCBC PLAZA GIL PUYAT. SCHEDULE. TOM. MON. OCT. 13, Around 5pm to 7pm. Bring 1valid ID with ur spouse and kindly stay for the 90minutes AVP-Audio Visual Presentati0n for you to familiarize the c0mplete facilities of our hotels in cebu and davao, for you to cho0se. Up0n using the certificate 2weeks ahead of time u can col the reservati0n dept. No financial obligati0n up0n claiming the gift cert. Please advise up0n receiving my message. Congratulati0ns!God bless you! just look for me Justine Santiago (reservation officer)

  118. Larry says:

    Same call 45 mins ago, from Rhon Rodriguez of Club Ultima Phils and Crown Regency Hotel and Resorts.. Thanks for this very informative blog.

  119. Otep says:

    Thanks for this blog, I also got a call two weeks ago from a man named Drew Manzano about this 3D2N GC @ any crown regency hotel, and today just a few minutes ago from Paula Dela Cruz confirming my reservation (plus free refreshment buffet daw) for tomorrow para makuha ko yung gc. Paulit ulit niyang sinasabi na no financial obligation daw valid ID lang daw ang kailangan kong dalhin. Buti nagresearch ako and I saw this blog, wala naman silang mapapala sakin wala naman akong pera haha Thanks Miss Julliene!

  120. Jan says:

    Same here! I got a phone call from this number # : 0999-885-1695 last Saturday. Gerald Ong – yan yung contact person.

  121. Rose lingayo says:

    Claim your CROWN REGENCY HOTEL gift cert.,

    Tonight(5pm-7pm) Tuesday.

    Important Requirements :

    – present 1 valid I.D. (each w/ spouse)
    – Kindly finish our 90mins. video & graphic presentation of the complete facilities & amenities of all our hotel suites to choose your best destination. Dinner Buffet will be served promptly.
    – We required that both spouses to be
    present to attend the presentation.

    OFFICE :
    – No obligation upon claiming.
    *Upon using your gift cert., Food, Airfare & Booking Fee, Are NOT INCLUDED.
    >Avoid wearing Slippers upon Claiming.

    See you !
    This is Josh Tenorio

  122. kristel says:

    hello po i just got a call from Albert Tan last october 22. is this really a scam or not?kasi we are planning on going there today sa office nila in makati.hope na masagot agad.thanks.

  123. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Tagal na pala nitong SCAM na to.. I just got a call from this # 09179582128 from Mr. Ignacio daw. Nanalo daw ako sa raffle promo sa Shopwise and the prize is 3D/2N hotel accommodation as Crowne Regency. Almost naniwala ako kasi dun ako lagi naggogrocery and lagi akong nagfifill up ng raffle coupons dun. Invitation to claim is at Island Cove, Binakayan, Kawit Cavite with free dinner buffet. Haay buti na lang skeptic talaga ako sa mga ganito so I checked Shopwise kung may ganun nga silang prizes and found none. I just wondered panu nila nakukuha yung mga information. This has to be reported. Kawawa naman yung mga maloloko nila.

  124. marc santos says:

    today experience ko din. buti maingay kanina nasa byahe ako.sabi ko tawag later. eto number 0917-6452737. buti nag search agad ako crown regency free accomodation. kya ko nabasa blog na to. haha thanks

  125. Roanne May says:

    I got a call a week ago. Yea I agree too good to be true but it is 2015 now and it’s still going on. I wonder why? Thank you we were able to read this blog. Maybe they are legit but the way of luring investors make it appear like its a scam. Anyway, the one who called me was Ian Valdez who first introduced himself as part of Crown Regency Hotel. Ultimately, when I asked him if he is from Club Ultima, he admitted that he is then passed the phone to a certain Ms. Michelle Sy. These are the numbers that they used to contact me and my fiancè:
    (0915) 608 6902.

    This is the message he sent me:

    Ms. & atty.
    CROWN REGENCY MAKATI HOTEL: G/F, FUNCTION ROOM, ARNAIZ AVE., PASAY ROAD, MAKATI CITY, WE ARE AT THE BACK OF DUSIT THANI HOTEL & NEAR PARKSQUARE 1, infront of western appliances, makati city, he have schedule tomorrow thrus & friday, nov.05/06,2015 between 5-7pm opentime w/ free dinner to be served during the awarding presentation, Just bring 1valid I.D only & Kindly attend the 90mins. Awarding presentati0n for you to see all the hotels & you can choose your best destination w/ the other recipients. The gift: 3 days/2 nights 5star FREE hotel stay–@ Crown regency hotel (cebu or davao) good for 2 adults & 2 kids package, NO EXPIRY. REMINDERS: No financial obligation, no commitment, no fees to be collected upon claiming & No Realty selling. Look for Ms. kimberly aglibot our recepti0nist. 02-3468725, visit us @ http://www.crownregency.com & http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com, Thank you and godbless. See you – ian valdez

    We almost went.

  126. Sam says:

    Hi Julienne, thanks for sharing your story. Same story about 3D2N GC crown regency/ club ulitma. I got call/ text and sound serious and real, but its scam. Here #09166496246 with this address to show there presentation, free lunch and said GC. Island Cove, Kawit, Cavite.
    thanks again.

  127. Chello says:

    Thanks for this blog.. I received the same call 30 mins ago from Sydney Lopez 09166971105 … hayz….

  128. Blaire says:

    Hi Chello,got the same call from Sydney Lopez yesterday but with this no.0999854371.

    First one was from Gerald Ong 09998854359 and today from Ynah Laurel using this no.09998854372.I think they just bought lots of simcards to use for this scam!Good thing I made some research.

  129. Blaire says:

    A blessed day! This is Ms. Ynah Laurel of Clubultima Crown Regency. I would like to remind the claiming of your gift certificate THIS AFTERNOON around 1:00PM-3:30PM,at G/F of LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner TORDISILLAS along SEN. GIL PUYAT/ BUENDIA MAKATI. Please be here w/ur spouse (if married/with partner) and Stay the 90mins. Holiday Presentation. Please advise for the final confirmation if your coming for me to reserve a seat for the FREE REFRESHMENT. Godbless you. See you!

  130. Blaire says:


    CROWN REGENCY HOTEL Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordisellas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).
    SUNDAY NOV. 15, 2015 .1:00-4:00PM
    -Bring 1 valid ID EACH for identification -BOTH SPOUSES be present to attend the video clippings and graphic display.

    -Must FINISH the 90min. Holiday video clippings and graphic display for you to help choosing which hotel suites suited for your family vacation preferences
    -We will be serving free complementary refreshment good for 2.
    -No catch,no obligation to purchase anything.
    -When using the g.c call the reservation off. 2 weeks ahead of the intended check in.
    -look for me SYDNEY LOPEZ or Ms. Jenny Quintero our receptionist. 505-0318.

  131. Gab says:

    Got the same call just now, telling me that ive been refered by a friend or relative and as part of their promotion i have a free 3D/2N accommodatio at CRH blah blah blah. Didnt get her name but here’s the number 0917 485 1241.
    Hanggang ngayon buhay pa sila.

  132. Ann says:

    Merun din sakin.. last week pa sila natawag today daw icclaim sa likod ng dusit thani.. 09166971103.. dulo lang magkaiba haha..merun pa.. 09369205828.. ingat guys

  133. Zarj says:

    Wow, november na at tuloy tuloy pa din to. Received a call and same scenario, informations were checked and ask me to claim my 3days 2nights prize at makati, malapit sa rcbc. A friend of mine informed me about this scam that has been ongoing for some time now. Mabuti nalang nasabihan nya ako kung hindi pupunta ako magisa dun. My husband is away pa naman at nasa ibang bansa. They ask me to claim the prize alone kasi its either me or with my husband. Well thank you for this blog. It really helps.


    ive just got a phonecall this afternoon that my wife was selected by their mgt. saying that she won a gift certificate worth 18k
    so asking them how to claim this gc they said that we have to go island cove resort at binakayan kawit cavite on tuesday samething and same information they are saying
    so i asked my wife to go to their office in islanf cove my wife refuses to go cos she had a doubt about this promo
    good thing na cnabi ng wife ko na isearch ko muna sa web so eto nakita ko nga na nd pla totoo tnx sa info

  135. rosemae says:

    naka receive rin ako ng tawag ngayon lang.. 09176452735 alam nya name ko kaya ako nman naniwala. nung sa interview na, nung sinabi ko ofw asawa ko, nagtaka ko kasi tinanong kung magkano sahod per month.. kaya naisipan ko igoogle, buti nalang at nabasa ko itong thread n ito.. thankyou

  136. Michelle PAscual says:

    November 26 ,2015
    Anna from CLUB ULTIMA PHILIPPINES INC. called me and texted me.,same message. I thought it was real then I google it and here I am. Thanks from this Blog..

  137. Joyce says:

    Thank God for this blog! I also received a call. Same offer, same spiel from Club Ultima Phils and Crown Regency Hotel and Resorts.

  138. Che says:

    Thank you for sharing this. My hubby just received a similar call this morning and followed that up with a text message stating to call these numbers for questions. 5090165 3468715. It was a free 3D2N in Crown Regency hotels, etc.

  139. Liz says:

    been receiving calls too and am supposed to get my free vouchers tomorrow at island cove…geez thanks for the info, it’s too good to be true, thought to google this up good thing I did and found this info.

  140. another person says:

    Another caller 09174718418

  141. another person says:

    Someone called me rin a while ago. Parehong pareho ito sa Astoria. Beware!

  142. Caroligne says:

    Oh God! Just received a phone call and sms yesterday and today regarding this issue. I wonder why they knew my real name and my husband’s. They were offering a free rides – skywalk and coaster edge here in Cebu. We were so excited and thank God I googled it. Thanks for the info. Godbless!

  143. Ann Cee says:

    I also received this phone call last NOV 2015.
    I also think its bogus but nevertheless we gambled on getting on their trap. After many phone calls we really confirmed that they’re on for something.

  144. Anton says:

    So i got a call also from Alex Yu today, 12/8/2015. In my most ignorant and naive mind i almost fell for this scam.
    INVITATION! Mr.and Mrs (deleted) The Claiming Schedule of ur no expiry luxury hotel accom. cert. will be on Tommorow Wednesday Dec.09 around 5pm-7:30pm here at CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordisellas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank). REQUIREMENTS:Kindly bring 1 valid ID only EACH for proper identification with your SPOUSE and should watch the 90mins. video clippings & graphic display for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for your family NOTE: upon using FOOD, AIRFARE and BOOKING FEE is NOT INCLUDED its PURELY Accomodation -No Financial obligation upon claiming. Just look for me ALEX YU Reservation Officer (02) 509-01-65/ 346-87-15.

  145. Jayson says:

    I just have a call for free accommodation for 5days at crown regency Cebu or Davao, I thought it was because of the couple with us before last December 2013(member/residence at Crown Regency Cebu)refer us but no, She asked the same thing with the post.. thanks for this.
    here is the number. 09176452732

  146. Mark says:

    As part of our promotion! We are happy to inform you that you are one of our recepients in SYSTEM INTEGRATION PHIL. (SMX) You will be receiving from us a luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate from CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. Congratulations! You are entitled for a 3days and 2nights stay in Crown Regency Hotel in CEBU(Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan) or in Agdao Davao. It is good for 2adults and 2kids only. No Validity, you can use it anytime you want. NOTE: Airfare and Food not included and upon using the voucher, 2 weeks ahead of time call our reservation dept. You can log on to http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com.for more info,just dial 3468725 and look for MS. ROCKY DELA CRUZ Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

    Scam still ongoing.
    Received this text last Dec. 7.
    Thanks for this forum, I’m not going to meet them.

  147. Mark says:

    (REMINDER) GREETINGS FROM CROWN REGENCY HOTEL (QC OFC.) we would like to remind you regarding our invitation tomorrow, thursday, dec. 10, between 5-7:30PM here @ our CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/CLUB ULTIMA QC Ofc., We are glad that since we made a commitment the last time upon talking w/ you personally over the phone. We are certain that we have your word and that you will be coming tomorrow, for the claiming & awarding, we will be there @ our QC-scout albano st., corp. ofc, I will be coming all the way from our head office to personally assist you. We will expect you tomorrow, Thank you- michelle sy

    Nganga sila bukas…

  148. Mark says:

    Numbers used to call and text me:

    • Jeannie says:

      Thank God I found this blog. I was wondering who called me this morning using the number you posted (+639228825725). Hindi ko sinagot ‘yung call kasi I’m in the middle of my lecture. Nakadalawang beses tumawag. So after my class, I texted this number, asking “sino po sila?”. No reply. Tapos, nung pag-uwi ko ng bahay, iniisip ko kung sino ‘yung tumawag na ‘yun. Then I googled the number and came across this blog. Then I realized nung last year may tumawag din sa akin na taga-Crown regency hotel daw, offering the same thing. Buti na lang hindi ako nagpa-uto. Sino ba naman ang magke-claim ng GC when you have work tomorrow. Masyadong malayo ang Makati sa amin. So hindi ko na lang pinansin. Hindi ko akalain na after a few months, tatawag ulit sila using a different number. Phew! Buti na lang maraming nag-share ng experiences nila dito sa blog. Thanks!

  149. marie cruz says:

    Omg.. Been there yesterday without seeing your blogs.. Terribly they want me to pay 10k immediately.. I said i didnt bring extra cash. They told me to issue check i said i left in the house.. They said one of their boys will accompany us back to our house and get the check.. I said no.. Why the hurry to get the 10k? I stood up and said im not interested and felt something is wrong with these people..

  150. Tony says:

    Thanks for this Blog. I was able to the scheme behind the free 2d/3n GC. Buti na lang talaga nag research ako.

    na isaahan ako kasi naharang ako ng isa sa mga taga Club ultima na naka abang sa entrance ng Toy convention sale sa SM megamall. sasabihin, pa raffle daw, di naman pala…tsk tsk tsk.

    then came monday, may tumawag sakin na isa daw ako sa mga napili nila for the free 3D2n GC sa crown regency. then invite sa office nila sa AIC Burgundy para ma claim yung GC.
    may presentation and free buffet din daw…

    here is the number that they used: 0926 647 4463.
    Address: AIC Burgundy Emphire tower ground flor unit 108.
    reception number:509 0122/346 8718
    – Ms. Joanna Sy

  151. Cristel says:

    Someone call me from club ultima a while ago..same thing,free 3D2N GC. Here is the number..09998851695
    Im really thankful for this blog.

  152. Kim says:

    I am planning to go to Davao this year with my family so I almost took the bait but good thing my instincts told me otherwise. 2016 na and they are still on with it. 10k, 20k, or even 1k is no joke. We really should do something about this.

  153. joan says:

    Thanks for this blog,just a while ago my tumwag sken telling me,nanalo dn s raffle ng crown regency,last september kc nag attend ako s phil construct,so dun dw nila nkuha ung details ko kya muntik na ako maniwala na i won 3D2N hotel accomodation,plan na nmn pmunta later ng husband ko,buti nlng naisipan kong mag search about club ultima and i saw this blog,very helpful na hindi kmi na victimize,Thanks God tlga,2016 na gngwa pdn nla yan..

  154. Baron Mercado says:

    Wow thank you for this blog! sa mga nabasa ko, I might be the latest victim of this scam, actually kakatawag lang skn hours ago.. mga 2pm (its 4pm when i started to share)Exact details guys ang hiningi skn just like the others above, was planning to go to the site, but upon reading those experiences I rather not go there and waste my time, money and effort… Somebody should do something about this.. Kawawa yung Company, yung mga tanong natatawagan (I mean US) and kawawa yung mga mabibiktima pa nla.. Thank you Julienne for making this Blog!! this really helped alot of people! keep it up!

  155. Juliet Codilla says:

    Oh my G….sabi ko na nga ba…tatlong tao na tumawag sa akin as of today Jan. 20, 2016 about this club ultima crown agency here in cebu city…same issue sabi ive won a dinner for two sa hotel…for promotion blah blah blah…and they knw even my monthly income kung magkano as well as sa hubby ko…grabeng research ginawa nla…how did they do it? my god talaga…salamat nlang mayroong ganito akong nabasa sa net…such a helpful warning….

  156. Juliet Codilla says:

    They called me up using these numbers
    0943-807-6582 and 0943-558-5362…2:11pm pinaka last call nla…Jan.20, 2016…

  157. Gibot says:

    Thanks for this very useful blog. I Got the same call just this afternoon. Just by what he said about the 3d 2n stay for free, sa crown Regency Hotel > Ms Jane Martinez ang Mystery Caller… Hayzz… 2016 na.. matagal n pala ang Modus nato.. Thank you sa blog.. thanks Google !…

  158. joycee says:

    Like all of you, i have been contacted, requested to get the GC, given the same text message… I told them I am not interested Yet they keep on calling me? They have several numbers so i either drop their calls or tell them i cannot be bothered!!! I wish they stop pestering me.

  159. Melody says:

    Grabe they called me this morning so naisip q n magcheck s net at eto ung nkita q..tnx for this info I’ll help a lot.. 🙂

  160. ztaariray says:

    Nakuha na namin yung GC without 90minutes seminar late na kasi kami nakarating sa office nila pero nag search ako bago pumunta at humingi feedback marketing strategies lang nila ito para maka benta . Gusto ko lang nalaman if totoo ba mgagamit yung GC ??? Good thing na ngyri samin e wala hassel kasi nakuha agad yubg GC

    • Hannah Caramoan says:

      Hi ako din itatanong ko if fre ba talaga??Nakapabook na kasi kami sa ng flight at ok lang naman sana yung 3000 na reservation fee..Kaso nagtataka kasi ako bakit 3000??If totoo na reservation fee yun or 50% off, sana yun na lang sinabi nila..Mabigay sa bulsa yung 3000 for reservation lang..Anyway di ko na sinayang yung pinabook kong flight, I bought voucher on my own na 4k lang 3d and 2n..Free foods na may kasiguraduhan pa..I wont risk lalo na sa mga nabasa ko now..

  161. Lee says:

    My friends and I went to Crown Regency Cebu for their Sky Experience activity and we filled out “raffle coupon.” I got a call this morning (all three of my friends also did). Same spiel. This time, hindi na free yung GC, 50% off na lang. Haha! This blog is very helpful but unless this gets reported to the authorities, this will just keep going.

  162. gm facun says:

    They’re still doing it. In fact nagfollow up pa sila until now since May unpaid dues pa ako. Is my money really down the drain na? Spent almost 40k na. They’re asking now if I’d still continue my timeshare

  163. wtf says:

    Just had a call from them yesterday and kailangan agad agad mag c laim blah blah buti nlng I searched. tawag ng tawag
    wow until now meron parin 2016 na since 2011 pa ung mga articles about them

  164. Leo says:

    Same exact story with me just today we got the gc but did not bought the membership i got the picture of the Lady who claimed as the the manager who kept on insisting us to avail but gago sya dnya ako maloloko how can I post her picture,? Nun duda nako i secretly took picture of her.

  165. Leo says:

    Anyone who used or.consumed the gc?is it legit.same story just today we got the gc but was not able to avail membership.mukhang nagpapalit palit cla ng ofc this time we went to scout albano south triangle QC near Union bank.i secretly took picture of the manager.

  166. Sol says:

    Yesterday, someone called me about this. Same everything from mobile number (0999) 885 1693. However, no text messages & call back yet as of now. Thanks for this post and keeping everyone aware.

  167. Johann says:

    Be alert guys. Its still happening.. Actually i recieved some messages and trying to reach me again.

    See the follow up message from them.

    (1st n0tice) Good morning sir johann, this is michelle sy of crown regency hotel-rewards dept. Makati c0rp. ofc, when is the best time to call you regarding the result of the holiday\vacation survey c0nducted by one of our hotel staff , ms. Nicole perez, from club ultima phils. Inc. dated jan. 28, and the p0ssible schedule of the release of your FREE CROWN REGENCY HOTEL VOUCHER, thank you

  168. Johann says:

    For more info guys. Same ito sa Astoria Boracay. Pagdumaan ka sa tapat ng hotel nila may lalapit sayong mga agent or employee nila magooffer ng free lunch or dinner and tour sa hotel nila then afte noon dadalhin ka nila sa isang conference room and iinterviewhin kayo regarding sa background niyo. And magaalok sila ng like a networking scum. Be aware na lang po. Wag po papauto. Halos nakaaway ko na yung agent kasi namimilit na sila.

    Welcome in advance. 🙂

  169. Lyke says:

    Got a call today (March 3, 2016) that we won a GC (3d2n stay at the hotel). I had a feeling it was a scam, then I saw this post.

    Thank you,

  170. gem says:

    My husband also got a call and received the same text message. It really seemed too good to be true and im glad and thankful for this post. To think we were about to waste our time and effort to go to their office for their scam.
    Thanks much for this blog!

  171. Kit says:

    Thanks for the info i received a kol whileback..i asked them wer did they get my no. They even asked me if i have kids..

  172. Anj says:

    Still happening. Got the free dinner and sat through the presentation and the “GC.” Nagmadali yung agent sa presentation kasi I looked uninterested and my kids were running around the area. Hehe. I’m feeling better na they spilled food sa carpet. Haha!
    When I checked the locations for the GCs, upcoming pa lang yung mga resorts at di aabot sa expiration date.

    San ba dapat nirereport mga ganitong deception? DTI, SEC? They can claim the did invest a dinner on you, but how about bogus GCs?

    • Julienne says:

      hey Anj, thanks for sharing. I’ve consulted with others and I’ve been told that it’s not illegal to offer this per se as a type of marketing. Better just to ignore it.

  173. Mj paundog says:

    (FORMAL INVITATION) Mr. ________Paundog and Mrs. _________ Paundog,

    (Hotel Recipient) CROWN REGENCY HOTEL CORP. OFFICE: 2nd flr. Scout Albano St. South Triangle Quezon City. Inbetween of Panay Ave. And Quezon Ave. LANDMARK: Near Kenny Rogers & Kanto Bar. Beside union bank. You are invited to claim your FREE gift cert. TOMORROW, Wednesday. Mar.16, 2016. Between 5pm to 7pm. Then kindly Stay for the complimentary buffet to be served, Just bring 1valid I.D together w/spouse and kindly finish the 90mins. Awarding presentati0n for you to see all the hotels & you can choose your best destination w/ the other recipients. The gift: 3 days/2 nights 5star hotel stay-the hotel voucher is good for 2 adults and 2 kids package, NO EXPIRY. REMINDERS: No financial obligation, no commitment, no fees to be collected upon claiming. Look for Ms. Diane Pelaez our recepti0nist. 02-346-8716. Thank you & Godbless, – Mr. Kiel Ignacio

    Buhay pa din ang panlolokong ito… thanks for this blog. We almost put our time to waste…

  174. Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful info particularly the ultimate section 🙂 I maintain such information much. I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  175. Mirana Dota 2 says:

    I received a call from lei chu regarding this scam … Thanks a lot for the info… Muntik na ako dun ha… But im not worried its because i dont have any credit card to present. Heres the txt….Good Day! This is Ms. Lei Chua, from CLUB ULTIMA PHILS.,INC.,an affiliate of CROWN REGENCY HOTELS and RESORT.As part of our promotional campaign,we are glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive a luxury 3days and 2 nights hotel accommodation privilege gift certificate in CROWN REGENCY CEBU/DAVAO good for 2 adults and 2kids..For any queries you may call 5009440/09174718423.THANK YOU..HAVE A NICE DAY!mga scammers pala…

  176. fermaliza says:

    Grabe ako yta ang pinaka latest n muntik ng mabiktima.thankz guyz and ofcourse to ms.julienne muntik n ko maniwala kc sobrang kulit nila kakatawag at madadala k s tamis at bilis ng pagsasalita nila…thanks god tlga layo p nmn nmin at super bc n lng….
    Ung mga modus nyo n yan makarma n sana kyo dami nyo n cgurong naloloko.sana mahuli n kyo para wla n kyong mabiktima p ang kakapal ng mukha nyo lalo n ikaw mark mendoza and michelle sy alam ko n iisa lng kyo iniiba mo lng ung boses mo pero boses bakla p din.
    Guyz thanks tlga s blog n2…

  177. ryan manal says:

    Thanks to this blog. I got a call now from Ms Jena 09176452731 /9047781 saying I got free GC from Crown Regency. We’ve been to this in Astoria, they will sell Travel packages. They have free dinner, at the end , they will ask who wants to buy that expensive package, mahihiya ka because most of the Guest wants the package and raised their hands but I know from the start Its part of their strategy. At the end you’ll find out its part of their theme like actors being paid to be part of the Guests. Mahihiya ka because you’ll be the only one who will not buy their package. If you have money and Pride, mapipilitan kang bumili . So advice, you can have the dinner but never say yes sa offer, hahaha! Bayad nila free Dinner sa Time mo.

  178. Rejie says:

    Scam still on going. Got a call with the same spiel, 3D2N crown regency and 90min presentation etc. Good thing i googled it and ended up on this site. Thank you so much. I was supposed to go to them and thought it too good to be true.

    Got a call from 09166679274 Alex Medina

    Also sent me a confirmation text.

    Congratulations Mr. _________ you are entitled to received a 5star Accomodation that you can use in CROWN REGENCY HOTEL it’s a 3days and 2nights accomodation good for 2adults and 2kids NO VALIDITY or EXPIRATION upon using so you can use it in your most convinient time.
    and another one:


    Claiming Schedule of ur no expiry luxury hotel accom. certificate will be set Today Monday Apr.18 around 5:30pm to 7:30pm
    CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordesillas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).
    REQUIREMENTS:Bring 1 valid ID for proper identification.
    Kindly watch the 90mins. video clippings & graphic display for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for you and also to provide u all the details regarding to ur gift cert with free refreshment
    -No Financial obligation upon claiming.
    Just look for me ALEX MEDINA
    (02)507-51-73/ 346-87-15. See you and God bless you!

    • Salie says:

      I have just received a call from certain Ken Manzano 09228825725 a few minutes ago with the same information.
      He is offering me same thing as you guys mentioned. I remembered we were been approached during a bazaar in Glorietta last Nov. 26, 2016 during our vacation there, they gave us a coupon to fill out and gave the other part of the stub as a claim stub. I am from Bacolod, and been there for only a week but he mentioned the voucher for 3D-2N stay has no expiration and i’ll just reach out to him when we get back to Manila to claim it anytime, unfortunately I have given him some information of my work, age, and my common-law partners information.

      Too late for me to read this post, but still I am grateful that I read this blog, just in case they will give me a call again.

  179. Ulyssis says:

    I got my membership last year. Most likely the same recruitment strategy as what u guys described (presentations & free lunch/dinner) but not 3D2N gift checks as freebies. All I can share is that the scenario here in Cebu is different. My family been using their pool/gym/library/internet cafe for free and 30% discount to all their restaurant. And just consumed my certificates in Boracay for 4D3N together with family/parents. It is just a matter of who are those people ur dealing with. Are they legit or actually have the transaction authority. Just me 2 cents 🙂

  180. Dana says:

    Can’t believe they’re still sending these messages today. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  181. Jail says:

    Just got a call yesterday from them and they told me I won a GC for a 3days 2 nights at their hotel. I couldn’t find the address they gave me on the google map, instead I found this. I know there’s a catch to this, even my mom told me there was. After reading this I definitely won’t go to that free dinner tonight. Thank you for your post.

  182. vince says:

    james corpuz just called me, exactly the details you wrote here. but weird is, he didnt know my surname. because he used my middle name as my surname. and im 99% sure that none of my friends know my middle name.


  183. Emm says:

    First thank you for this post.

    Just want to add to the continuing saga. Received a call two days ago and then this text message:
    Good Day! Sir. This is Ms. Claire Santos from Club Ultima Philippines Inc., an affiliate of Crown Regency Hotels and Resort. As part of our promotional campaign, we are glad to inform you Sir that you are entitled to receive a luxury (3)days & (2)nights hotel accommodation privilege gift certificate in crown regency good for 2 adults and 2 kids. NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION. NO COMMITMENT. For any queries, you may call (02) 5054101/09052818751. Thank you and Have a nice day.

  184. michelle says:

    hi! my mom got a text saying that she has free hotel accomodation in Crown Regency Hotel in Manila, from ms. Michelle Sy, and even included how she won that promo by attending the PDA Dental Convention on 26-28. I just wonder how she knew we were there by that dates.

  185. mark says:

    Also got two calls now. And they insist on the claiming this coming weekend so i said resked na lng and reminded to watch the 90minute show. Buti na lang i searched and found this blog. Here’s the text from Alex Medina :

    Mrs./Mr.Mark ….

    The Claiming Schedule of your luxury hotel accomodation

    on Tuesday June.07 at around 5:30pm to 7pm here at CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima affice: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordisellas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).

    REQUIREMENTS:Kindly bring 1 valid ID with your WIFE for proper identification and finish the 90mins. video clippings & graphic display for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for your family vacation preferences & also for us to provide u all the important details regarding ur Gift Certificate.

    NOTE: upon using FOOD, AIRFARE and BOOKING FEE is NOT INCLUDED its PURELY Accomodation

    -No Financial obligation upon claiming. Just look for me ALEX MEDINA (02) 509-01-65/ 346-87-15.

  186. Belay says:

    Ooh, it’s already mid-2016.. and yep, they’re still in operation as I just received a call from them. Hayst. It helps to do a little research especially if it concerns offers that sound “too good to be true”. Thanks Julienne for the heads up.

  187. Zenda Mariano says:


    Here’s Our Address:
    CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima Phils. Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordisellas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).

    JUNE 25, 2016 1:00-3:00pm

    -Bring 1 valid ID EACH for proper identification.

    -Kindly stay for the 90mins video presentation for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for your family vacation preferences and also for us to provide u all the important details regarding ur gc.

    -We will be serving free food REFRESHMENT MEAL.

    -look for me MILES LEDESMA or Ms. Jenny Quintero our receptionist.


    Good thing I checked google and came across this blog. Thanks! Same with Club astoria and Onken. Tricky marketing strategy.

  188. jop says:

    Thank you for sharing this guys. Just got a call a while ago about that free accomodation from 09237359220. Now I know it’s SCAM.

  189. Rem says:

    To: Mr. ———


    You are invited to claim your luxury accomodation gift cert. TOMORROW FRIDAY (July 01,2016) the earliest time is 5:00pm but if you’ll be late until 7:00pm opentime. With free complimentary DINNER to be serve during the awarding, Just bring one valid ID only and kindly finish the 90mins. Holiday presentati0n for you to see the complete amenities and facilities of all the hotels so you can choose your best destination w/ the other recipients and dinner. The gift: 3 days/2 nights stay-
    – the hotel voucher located (3 branches in CEBU & 1 in DAVAO), good for 2 adults and 2 kids package, NO EXPIRY. REMINDERS: No financial obligation, no commitment, no fees to be collected upon claiming & upon using your GC you can call our reserv. dept. 2weeks ahead of time. Look for Ms. Joy Vallejo our receptionist, Thank you & Godbless
    Mr. Mark Mendoza,
    From +639998854368

    I was planning to go there its a goodthing i searched the net. Thanks alot

  190. Tines says:

    Yep they are still in business until now:

    Good day! This is Kean Tayao, from Club Ultima Phlippines Inc., an affiliate of Crown Regency Hotel and Resort. As part of our promotional campaign, we are glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive a luxury 3days and 2nights hotel accomodation privilege gift certificate in Crown Regency Cebu/Davao good for 2 adults and 2 kids. For any inquiries, you may call 09176452734/9047881. Thank you. Have a nice day. Godbless.

  191. shelly says:

    I rcvd the same call yesterday and today. Thank God there’ s google and ur blog.. i was about ot go there tomorrow.. but so dumb of me, worrying that i won’t be able to claim my prize i gavethem my real name and surname bcoz of the id reqrd upon claiming huhu… what they knew at first kc is my fb name… wc is just my nick….

    Gosh! Thank u so much for creating this blog…. u guys and giole are my saviour!!!!

  192. edgar says:

    I also got a call just this morning from certain Joy Gonzalez, her cp is
    But i insisted just to text me the details because i smell something fishy.
    The following is the content of her text:
    Mr, Edgar Zantua
    we are inviting you to claim your CROWN REGENCY HOTEL gift certificate hotel accomodation.
    -present your valid ID only.
    -we will be serving you a free dinner.
    -need to claim the g.c because we need of your signature for company files.
    -kindly finish the video clippings and graphic display
    for you to choose which hotels suites to your vacation preference.
    -no financial obligation upon claiming.
    -Look for me Joy Gonzales or our
    receptionist: Ms. Ida Lopez
    (02) 509-0122 /(02) 346-8718
    -Club ultima co. Office:
    AIC Burgundy Empire tower ground floor Unit 108 at the back of Robinson Galleria mall ORTIGAS, along ADB ave. Corner garner st. At the ground floor unit 108 of our bldg. you will see 7eleven and Casa bella.

    Thanks to this blog.

  193. Lynne says:

    OMG….the same scenario. Just attended the the recent Corporate Giveaways 2016 at SMX and they have their (Crown Regency) own booth. Me and my corporate partners filled up their raffle coupon…and surprisingly all of us got a call! This may not be a scam but definitely a waste of time! Congratulations to their Marketing team…ang galing nilang mang-uto! Thank you Julienne for this blog…(Got my numerous call from Ms Rocky 09772967046)

  194. Sam says:

    Same here. They are still going into conventions and events, kase nagkamali sila at parang tinatanung ako kung anung event daw ako nag fill up ng coupon. So this is still happening until now. We thought that it is too good to be true and yun nga TOO GOOD to be true.

  195. jim says:

    got the same call here today from 09176452731 for free 3d2n in crown regency hotel. didn’t get her name. thanks for this website. this scam is still active.

  196. Vanessa Lopez says:

    Omg! Just received at call today. Same thing. They mentioned i was given 3d2n accommodation in Crown Regency Cebu/Davao. Thanks for blogging your experience. Atleast i got warned.
    0999-885-1696 is the mobile number.
    Thank you again for sharing this.

  197. Liza says:

    Got a text message today and received a call from them. Good thing that I read your blog and comments here before receiving their call kaya I’m expecting na what they have to say to me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  198. Beatriz Garcia says:

    Thank you for all the posts I have just read, “cause I received a phone call from ANNA GONZALES, saying that somebody referred me, but just the same, I searched first and now I am reading all these posts…and thank you very much to all of you…..

  199. Hann Frias says:

    And this scam is still alive! Wtf? A Daniel Bautista and Malen Lopez just called up today and the same with other people who shared their experience that is their narration to me. It’s costly to pay advertisements so instead they’re giving this free in return is we say good words about the stay. Good thing my boyfriend googled it and we’ve confirmed this scam. It’s a waste of time talking to them so what I did is to set their hopes high that I’m coming to see them. But I’m not.

  200. ZOEY says:

    Thank you for this post.. got a call recently and discuss the same details.. His name is Jolo Cruz #09176452735.

  201. Mel says:


    Crown Regency/Club Ultima Bldg.
    (2ND FLOOR)
    Pls. be here THURSDAY. (AUG. 18) anytime in bet. 5pm-7pm.
    Just bring 1valid I.D together with your spouse & Kindly finish 90mins. holiday presentation. the Video graphic display of the complete ameneties and facilities of the hotels for you to choose your best destination w/ the other recipients.
    Complimentary DINNER BUFFET will be serve.

    Thanks for this blog

  202. Renji says:

    Received the same invitation a few days ago. I’m glad I did not fell for it because I had somewhat a similar experience with fraudulent marketing like this from Cocolife…and they say…with Prudential life na laganap sa mga SM malls as well. Para kang hiniHypnotize once you are caught in their initial traps…beware people!

  203. Renji says:

    Received the same invitation a few days ago. I’m glad I did not fall for it because I had somewhat a similar experience with fraudulent marketing scams like this from Cocolife…and they say…with Prudential life people na laganap sa mga SM malls as well. Para kang hiniHypnotize once you are caught in their initial traps…beware people!

  204. yie says:

    same thing happen to me this morning, just rcvd a call from this #0927-3809876 and telling me ’bout the GC from Crown Regency… i’m a bit excited pa sana, imagine free hotel accommodation… good thing there’s google and it is automatic for us to use it for verification if there’s a real promo with Crown Regency.. Thanks for this post and it really helps people to be more aware and wise!

  205. rhandzki says:

    They are still doing it.
    Just received a call 15mins ago. Same story.

    Name: Julia Vergara
    CP#: 09274683291

  206. RacMe says:

    Just received a call. Same story. Thanks for this blog!

    Caller Name: Julia Vergara
    CP#: 09274683291

  207. Diamante says:

    Just had a call. Exactly same script.

  208. Wilma says:

    I got a call today from that same scam…thank God at di ako tumuloy na search ko ang blog na to agad.

  209. Marvin says:

    They’re at it again! Wow..thanks for the Julienne. Helped me understand a lot.

  210. Dhey says:

    Until now, this marketing strategy still exist. I have received a call from this number (0917) 566 3879 and was informed i will receive a hotel voucher from them, i only need to provide some basic info and go to their QC office. I frankly told her i’m not going to give her any personal info and is not interested in whatever they’re offering. After 4hrs, I received this sms from a Club Ultima agent, this time Using a different number +63 927 922 7560. This is the message –“(1st notice) Good morning! this is from the rewards dept. of Club Ultima Company/crown regency hotel ofc.,When is the best possible time to call you regarding the hotel voucher that you’ll be receiving from us, and the possible release of your CROWN REGENCY HOTEL VOUCHER here at our QUEZON CITY Corp. Office. Please advise us before the forfeiture of your hotel voucher.
    Ms. Myla Dela Pena(02) 509-6595Thank you.”

    Aside from this sms, i received several missed calls from this lady.

  211. Josh says:

    Just got a call today. Same thing, i was luckily picked to have a free 3d 2 nights accomodation in crown regency either cebu or davao. Same questions asked. Im asking who reffered me and they told me that it’s confidential they wont give a name. But he assure me that some friend of mine was in cebu last sinulog festival that refered me regarding on these matter. Thanks for the blog.

  212. Rome says:

    Just received a call inviting me to their office in Makati.Good thing i searched first.Thanks for this Blog.i felt sorry sa mga victims of this scam.tsk tsk tsk sayang ang 10k ah

  213. tintin says:

    Vince cortez called me today and also text me this details.

    Good day! Mrs. _________________________________ (guest referral) This is Vince cortez from club ultima philippines Inc. an affiliate of crown regency hotel and resort. As part of our promotional campaign, We are glad to inform you that you are entitled to recieved a luxury 3days and 2 nights hotel accomodation priviledge gift certificate in Crown regency Cebu/Davao good for 2 adults and 2 kids.
    For any inquiries, you may call 091174851241 / 2189048 Thank you. our website (www.crownrency.com) Have a nice day GodBless

    Quezon City ADD: we are located in 3J King and Sons Bldg scout albano st. south triangle, quezon city in between panay ave and quezon ave.

  214. Anne says:

    Same situation

    Lady named Camille Cruz said that I won a GC this is a complete trash

  215. Nathan says:

    Good Day! This is Nathan De Guzman, from CLUB ULTIMA PHILIPPINES INC., an affiliate of Crown Regency Hotels and Resort. As part of our promotional campaign, we are glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive a luxury 3 days and 2 nights hotel accommodation privilege gift certificate in crown regency hotel 3 hotels in cebu and 1 in davao, good for 2 adults and 2kids no validity or expirati0n date. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to avail our promo.
    For any queries, you may call or text to this # 02-5008957/09176452730. http://www.crownregency.com. Thank you and Godbless

  216. joy mariano says:

    thanks for this blog,,, i just saved my sister from another scammer… 🙁

  217. Andy macapagal says:

    I Just got a call now! from kiel ignacio using this number +63 915 485 7753 telling that i am one of the choosen for their yearly campaign, “club ulitima of the phil” sucks! at first i was hooked by their convincing power and strategy but nearly i felt that its just to good to be true to give you an GC without anything in return or money involve, in the middle of conversation they keep on asking what is may job or business, how much is may net income in a month for their “reference” if the choosen winner have a capability to travel. And when i ask him how come i am one of your choosen for your campaign? Maybe your have a friends relatives who checked-in in any regency hotels. They referred you maam. ????? Thank you guys for sharing your story.

  218. Stella says:

    November 8, 2016 na ngayon. they are still victimizing.
    they called since last week. I searched and found this site.
    Scammers pa rin sila.

  219. pat says:

    We went to a car show in smx last saturday Nov, 5 2016. We saw a group of people and they approached us. Asking details like name, address, mobile numbers etc.

    Yesterday i got a call from 4 different people saying this kind of messages.

    Is there a way that we can sue this group?

  220. Marc says:

    I just received the same phone call, yesterday. They are doing the same marketing strategy. Today they told me I have to be at AIC Burgundy Empire Tower building to claim the free voucher for 3 days and 2 nights stay, giving just a couple of hours notice. I was truly considering it but good thing I thought of doing a bit of research. Thank you for your blog and for saving me so much time for the hassle and inconvenience. I hate false marketing and tricky marketing campaigns. I am just wondering where they got my contact number. I rarely give my home phone number to anyone but they called me at my home phone.

  221. Dana says:

    As of nov 14, 2016, may tumawag din sa akon. Same details. Thanks for this post!

  222. joan g says:

    just got a call hood thing i searched for this

    Here’s our Address:
    CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/ Club Ultima Phils. Office: Unit 102 G/F LE METROPOLE BLDG. corner Tordesillas St. along Sen. Gil Puyat/Buendia (Inline of RCBC Plaza Gil Puyat, opposite PAG-IBIG FUND/BIR.in between Ministop & PhilTrust Bank).

    Schedule: November 15 , 2016 at around 5pm-7pm open time.

    -Bring 1 valid ID for proper identification Together w/ your husband.

    -Kindly WATCH our 90mins video clipping for you to help choosing which hotel suites suit for your family vacation preferences and also for us to provide you all the important details regarding your GC.

    -NO financial obligation upon claiming.
    -Refreshment buffet to be serve.

    -Look for me Mr. Bryan Ejercito or Ms. Jenny Quintero at the Reception.

    Godbless and See you!

  223. trevilosemaj says:

    Wow! Almost got me there. Someone also called me this morning about that free accommodation. It’s a good thing I saw this website. Thank you for the heads up. It’s very important to be cautious nowadays. It is to good to be true indeed.


  224. jay says:

    still on-going. just got a call from them yesterday.

    • Kay says:

      Got a phone call from a certain Michelle Sy with the number 09279227593. Buti na lang I saw your website. Puntahan na namin sana mamayang gabi.
      Thanks sa info!

  225. Celyn says:

    Just got a call from them a few minutes ago. I hesitated to give any information and while they were on the line, I was searching for this in the internet. Same number. 09176452730 Miss Lyn Lopez

  226. Arvin says:

    Just experienced the same scenario yesterday. They used these number to call me: 09998851695 and 09304044970.

    They kept avoiding my queries and they are asking for my personal info.

    Please be careful.

  227. Edilon says:

    Same offer by Crown Regency Hotel Name Ms. Kathy Samonte, i’m one of selected of free voucher Dec. 23, 2016, thanx for the info!

  228. Jhovz says:

    I also got this call today.

    Justine SY from Club Ultima and Crown Regency called about the 3d2n promotion, same words ..

  229. Jen says:

    Year 2017: yep, still on going. I got a call from this number: (0917) 645 2737. When I asked the caller some questions, he cut the conversation short. I tried calling the number to get some more information so I can properly report them, but he’s not answering my calls.

    Thank you for this post, saved me a lot of time and money.

  230. An says:

    Stil on-going!!!! Received a call, January 5, 2017.

  231. let says:

    Yes, they are still at it. Received a call a while ago from 09365677916. Good thing I’m too busy to go to their office in Ortigas and found this blog.

  232. MikeeLeeLing says:

    Just received a call awhile ago. Same spiel.

  233. Ken says:

    They Call me today ftw 😀

  234. Richard says:


    Just received a phone call today, Almost got me there, I asked the guy to call me in my landline, he said “number was out of coverage area” hmmm.. suspicious. Upon reading this blog I realize that was the same cheese on the door. good thing and a really a big thanks for this blog. Thank God HE made me a I’m a real good researcher

    : 3 Hotel’s in Cebu, MACTAN,GUADALUPE & FUENTE OSMENA, or 1 Hotel Resort in DAVAO located at AGDAO DAVAO.
    Good for 2 adults & 2 kids package, NO VALIDITY.

    Other expenses are not included like TRANSPORTATION,FOOD ALLOWANCE and RESERVATION. NO financial obligation,commitment, and NO fees to be collected upon claiming.

    Kindly look for me Mr. Kiel Ignacio or Ms. Jhoy vallejo our receptionist. 02-3468725. Visit us at http://www.crownregency.com & http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com.


  235. Owen says:

    I just got also a call that I have free accommodation.. They so many question, I told them if they want to give the gc no more question.. Thanks this to blog.. Now I know their scam..

  236. Elecar says:

    I’ve been their Makati office last knight, they offer me the same, a life time membership worth 500,000 and 15 years membership for 175,000PHP and initial deposit for 10,000 …although the presenter is nice and lovely lady…. i said no ^_^, i just enjoyed the free dinner and get the Gift Certificate and leave.

  237. Cha says:

    Got a call from them today 0917-471-8418
    Thanks for this blog.

  238. Rosey says:

    Good thing I researched this blog before going today! My fiance and I were about to go here but he told me to research first because he has a gut feeling that this is not true. Here are the details that I got:

    Hi Good Morning, I just want to remind
    you for the claiming of your CROWN REGENCY HOTEL accommodation gift certificate Today SATURDAY (January 21,2017) at around 1:00pm to 3:30pm opentime, here in our office located at
    AIC Burgundy Empire tower building ground floor Unit 108 at the back of Robinsons Galleria mall Ortigas City, along ADB ave. Corner garnet st. and sapphire road.. At the ground floor of our bldg. you will see 7eleven store and Casa bell