Today I saw Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was in Manila promoting her Paris Hilton Bags & Accessories store. Mom & I got a chance to see her in Megamall for her meet & greet. Paris was absolutely gorgeous! She has the signature look and pose perfected because she looks good in any photo. Definitely knows how to work a camera.

She was friendly and sweet to all her fans. I loved everything about her! She almost missed her flight cuz she made sure to sign autographs for everyone in the line. Unfortunately, I was not one of those people. It’s okay, I took tons of good pictures. Maybe I’ll get to meet her next time. According to her, she will be back. <3

Here is Mom, while we were waiting. We got really close to the stage.

Another angle of the stage. We waited a while for her to appear. Here you see the host.

This is the host interviewing Paris’ #1 Manila Fan Isha Dinio. Paris follows her on twitter! She got to party with the Heiress and received tons of cool gifts.

Tim Yap hosted also.

Isha getting interviewed by Tim Yap. Lucky girl, overnight celebrity!

Tessa Prieto also showed up to meet Paris.

Angel Aquino at the scene!

My first good photo of the Heiress! Here she is coming down from her store (on the 3rd floor) for the meet & greet (on the 2nd floor)

On stage saying hello to all her fans!

Our lovely host looks star struck.

Sitting down to sign autographs. I think behind her that is Camraface, one of her good friends. Possibly a photographer by profession. I can’t be sure. **I stand corrected. That behind her is Jen, One of her best friends. Not Camraface. Thanks to for the clarification.

This guy made a portrait of her. He also asked for a kiss which she seemed hesitant to give but she did it anyway hahaha. What a sweet girl.

She also had some young fans come out and support!

She’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

I caught a glimpse of Paris Hilton’s REAL bag. I know this is her bag for sure because she walked into the Mall carrying it. After she left the holding room, she switched to a bag from her Paris Hilton line for promotional purposes. However this GORGEOUS Baby Blue Hermes Birkin is where she keeps her things.

Time to say goodbye! (Check out the bag from her collection, very Louis Vuitton-inspired with a Paris Hilton spin, don’t you think?) I can’t wait for her to come back!

This is what Paris Hilton’s back looks like. Haha. She’s so thin and model-esque. Fantastic physique. I wish I could be this slim. Am so jealous.


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